Unique sales proposition, target market and ideal customer

The Unique Selling Proposition and the ideal client may be the most difficult subjects for online entrepreneurs, apparently they are different topics, however one depends and is the continuation of the other.

The relationship between the target market and the unique sales proposition are really intimate, since the only way to find a unique value sales proposition is by knowing our target market perfectly.

Thousands of businesses are launched every day on the web and through studies we know that many of them will not reach the middle of the year, and one of the main causes of this is because they never understand not only its why, otherwise what is your mission, the way they will transmit it and will bring to your market; and of course much less know who is your target market or ideal customer.

Many important words, as we move forward we begin to recognize its value more and more and that is that this is the center and base of Internet business, even outside the web as well.

Unique sales proposition

Unique sales proposition – Tips to get there.

As I mentioned at the beginning, knowing what your market or ideal customer wants or feels is the starting point of the diagram, a unique sales proposal meets what they expect, but not only on a superficial level, a unique sales proposal is Focused on a much deeper level, it appeals to the sensibility, the imagination and the sensitivity of each person; and that is why its effectiveness.

Focus on the customer:

– Be part of your market

– What are your reasons or purchase decisions

– Because your client buys from you rather than from another expert.

A unique sales proposal contains in its heart those reasons why you stand out from the rest of your competitors or collaborators, this reason involves the entirety of your business, for example your services, your customer service, your response capacity, the results Both perceived and real that your clients or partners can receive from you, your company logo, your slogan, your message, your structure, your design on the web, etc., among the most remarkable things.


Although a unique sales proposal depends on the type of business, all have similar characteristics that make it up in its essence and surely one of this main characteristic is that a USP (Unique Sales Proposition) works and focuses on a subconscious level of our prospects or future clients.

Other features:

– It’s a short phrase

– Engage the imagination of your client or prospect

– Transmits positive feelings of joy and satisfaction.

– Impact and excite.

– Shows an emotional benefit

– Few words that define your business.

A unique sales proposition is not something definitive and it is very common for large companies or renowned entrepreneurs to reinvent themselves over time, surpass themselves and therefore their USP changes as well.

Examples of unique sales proposals that I found on the web and I found them really interesting:

Head and Shoulders: “You get rid of dandruff”

From Domino Pizza: “You get fresh, hot pizza delivered to your door in 30 minutes or less, or it’s free.”

FedEx: “When the package absolutely, positively has to arrive at night”

M and M: “It melts in your mouth, not in your hand”

Metropolitan Life: “Get Met, it’s worth it”

southwest Airlines: “We are the low cost airline.”


How will you resolve my problem?

Do you still think you have a service or a good product? Let me tell you that your client is not looking for that, what they are looking for is to solve their problems, get more sales, get more subscribers, have more money, more free time, they are not looking for a tool online, a blogging platform, this is not their ultimate goal, and if we want to reach them effectively we will have to speak to their sensitivity, to the sensitive person who is in it.

What benefit do I get if I buy this product or service?

They seek benefits, we need to become “PROBLEM SOLVERS” we offer satisfaction, concrete benefits and that is why people seek us to work with us.

A magnificent story that I read on the web:

“On one occasion, when the rise of digital watches began, the president of Rolex was asked about his vision of the direction the wristwatch market would take, to which he replied (summed up with my words):“ I have no The slightest idea, I am not interested, because at Rolex we do not sell watches. Let’s make a reflection, said the president: what is a clock for? … To see the time, right? Do you think that any of our clients would pay more than 1500 dollars to see the time, no matter how exact it was, when to see the time, it would be enough for them to buy a 20 dollar watch? … At Rolex we do not sell watches; we sell prestige, we sell jewelry and that transmits that whoever wears it is a successful person and that life is going well for him, and also, he can see the time”.

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