Unbounce, earn money for creating selling landing pages

To sell successfully on the Internet it is necessary to create sales landing pages. Without these landing pages we will not be able to consider ourselves proper digital entrepreneurs.

So that If you want to have a complete business, then you should take the idea of ​​designing it. Obviously if you do not have the necessary design and optimization knowledge to do this, you will not achieve positive results.

Then a real problem arises. How can we increase our sales without a competitive landing page?

How to make selling landing pages with Unbounce?

In order to earn money online in this days professionalism is needed. And if you can’t offer it then it would be good if you turn to real experts on the subject.

Thus, Unbounce was born, an online platform that facilitates the process of creating, publishing and testing our future landing pages. If your intention is to sell more from now on, you may have to read the following benefits:

Friendly WYSIWYG editor

At this stage you should already be familiar with the “drag and drop” work system. Well, this platform could not be oblivious to said comfort. So if you have no idea how to design “something,” then automatic element placement for your page will help.

The possibility of making modifications in HTML is also open for people who speak that language.

Template diversity

One of the keys to creating sales landing pages is design. So we can’t play with something that important as we might regret it later. On the web there are cases where tests concerning the design have been carried out. Just a change in the font or the color of the words makes a big difference between thousands and a few clicks, registrations, sales, etc.

But don’t worry, this problem is solved. You can find a whole range of customizable templates to suit your brand or Internet campaigns.

Obviously the customization includes the insertion of your logo and all your graphic assets, changing colors, etc.

Page testing system

The novelty that most caught my attention was that of test landing pages that we develop. As you may have noticed, with this tool our pages will be ready in hours. That way, once they are ready, we can test them by making them public.

The great advantage is that all data collection will be in real time and it will help us to correct errors and remove some elements if necessary. Later we will have a page ready to generate the conversions we expect based on what the customers liked or did not like.Make money creating seller landing pages

Quality email marketing

Let’s face it, selling landing pages would be just static pages if they didn’t have a contact form. This company has thought about it, offering you these two advantages:

Form creation

Fortunately, you will also have at your disposal a form designer that does not require programming knowledge. You just have to add the typical fields that are required to generate quality leads or potential customers.

Integration with online marketing tools

Without a user, prospect or customer management system, it would be very difficult to be able to earn money with our subscriber lists. Therefore, you will be able to attract more customers from your landing page to manage them with the renowned MailChimp services, AWeber, among others.

You can also integrate your landing pages with your websites or blogs. And of course you can verify the statistics by linking your account to tools such as Analytics and KISSmetrics.

Collaborative environment

It allows working with work teams for each campaign assigning different roles. It is also accessible to add and serve more clients as the business grows.

File Downloads

A fundamental plus to have langing selling pages is offer gifts and offers. In this way prospects will be attracted to register their data in our database.

For this reason, you can upload the files you want as PDF books for people to download from the confirmation page of the form.

To complete this analysis I must add that without a doubt it is a good alternative to achieve the sales we want. It is simply a tool created by experts who have managed to hit the target.

But there is always a but that is worth. This service is not free. The cheapest plan is costing about $ 49 per month and only allows you to manage up to 5,000 visits per month. On the other hand, it is true that the other two plans also have trial options for 30 days.

Do you think it is a good platform to create selling landing pages? Would you recommend any other platform that facilitates e-commerce?

Link: Unbounce