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Uber pool and Uber x, what services do they offer and how to use them?

Did you hear about uber pool, but you don’t know exactly what it is? Well, you knew about uber x and then you want to know if there is any difference between the two services? Or you also know that there is the option of uber plus, but are you unaware of its characteristics? You’ve heard of uber plaza, what does it mean?

Well, you are about to discover all this in the information you are about to read.

What are the characteristics of UBER Pool

  1. Uberpool It is a new option that is cheaper because it allows you to share the trip with other users within the same route.
  2. In other words, if those other users go to the same destination or at least a similar one, they will share the journey with you.
  3. For this reason it is a cheaper option, on the one hand because there are several people who transport the car and on the other hand because the number of cars traveling on the streets is reduced.
  4. If you request the pool option you must indicate the number of seats, since in principle it can be one or two, since from three seats the pool option will not be available, therefore if you do not want this option you will indicate four seats and the option is removed immediately.
  5. The option aims to offer a cheaper mode and make those who drive the car can work without pause through the application that detects service requests within the same route.

What is uber pool?

  1. You are still not clearwhat is uber pool? It is simply a cheaper option of the application that allows you to share the trip with other people whose destination is the same or similar to yours.
  2. Therefore, if you agreed to use this service, you will agree to share your trip with up to two people you do not know and you will admit them because the application assigned them because their destination coincides with your route.

How to use uber pool?

  1. If you want to request uber pool, from the place where you are you will write the destination address.
  2. The application will be able to detect other people who are on the road and can include them in the trip.
  3. You will know the price of your trip because it is fixed, since there may not be people within your same route.
  4. Since the uber driver is guided by a GPS, you will not have the possibility to change your destination or control the route, for example you cannot pick up someone you know. If you change your mind you will get off that uber and request another one again.

How to request a uber pool?

  1. When you request your uber, you will wait two minutes so that the application can find people with a similar destination and route.
  2. They will let you know where to find the driver.
  3. Then you will go to the meeting point.
  4. You will share the journey.
  5. You will walk to your destination.

What is the difference between uberX and Uber Pool?

If you already know uberX, now you want to know:what is the difference between uberX and uber Pool?

  1. UberX are sedan cars of brands established by the application depending on each city, but that have capacity for 4 passengers.
  2. Uber Pool is the economic service of the application with which you make a shared trip with other users who go to a destination similar to the one you requested and with a journey within the same route.

What is a seat in Uber?

¿What is a seat in Uber? Well, you know that you can choose the uber Plus option to share your trip and save, then the application will ask you for the location of your destination and you will enter it in the field that says Enter destination.

  1. Then you must indicate the number of seats or places you need, for example in the case of Uber Pool you can only indicate one or two, since if you request three or more you will choose another Uber option.
  2. Well, after you have entered your destination, at the bottom of the screen you will see the travel menu, which by sliding it up will allow you to see the vehicle options.
  3. The vehicle categories can be seen by sliding the screen left and right to see more details.
  4. If you slide to the right you will see more options and if you slide up you will know the rate and details of the trip.
  5. For example, if you choose economic, it will offer you accessible vehicle options.
  6. If you choose Premium, it will offer you options for luxury or high-end vehicles.
  7. If you choose More seats, it will offer you vehicle options with more space for users.
  8. If you choose More, it will offer you vehicle options for uberVan, uberWav or UberBici.
  9. As you scroll through the different vehicle options, you will see the rate so that you know the price of your trip to the final destination.
  10. You just have to touch the vehicle option you want.
  11. Tapping the black Ask button will indicate that you are ready.
  12. When you have selected the option and the starting point, you will touch Set the starting point and confirm the request for your trip.

What is the Uber Plus?

¿What is uber Plus? Well, it is the option that offers modern and spacious vehicles. They are luxury sedans with a maximum age of three years.

Although it is a cheaper option than uberXL, its price is higher than the option UberXVIP and UberX, as they are driven by qualified drivers.

What is uber x?

  1. You still have doubts and want to confirmwhat is uber x? It is simply the option of the low-cost application without modifying its quality.
  2. Who drives the vehicle is anyone with a private car interested in making money driving their car that shares it with other people.
  3. It is the most traditional option whose vehicles are 2006 models or higher, but the model is established according to the city where uber has a presence.
  4. But they are always cars to transport up to 4 passengers who can divide the payment of the fare between them.