Typical mistakes when writing the headline of an article

You will already know that writing a good headline is very important when writing an article for your Blog or website. If you can write a good headline there are more opportunities for the article to expand and reach more people. It often happens that the difference between the content that attracts visitors more focused on what you want to sell or promote and that the article is forgotten, is precisely the headline.

Most common mistakes entrepreneurs make when writing their blog headlines

We can call it a headline, header or something else, but what matters is that people click on it to go to the article. However, there are many little glitches that can make headlines boring and off the hook.write an article headline

  1. – Try to attract everyone to your blog.

Without trying to do this, you may fail – starting with the headline. Many bloggers and entrepreneurs starting in the online business, they still have to know who their audiences are. It is hard to believe, but it is so. Before writing a post that wants to promote a product or service, you have to envision the readers as if you were with them. It also includes a lot choose a niche that you are passionate about – one that you can easily master.

A good way to get to know your potential visitors is to visit forums and other blogs and see how you think and how they act. These are the possible clients that you can have with your own online business. What words do they use in their conversations? Collect as much data as you can to be able to write a good headline using this method. Aside from being fun and learning a lot, it will help you write compelling article titles quickly.

2.- Not giving due importance to the headlines of your blog

Although it may seem strange, headlines with numbers seem to attract more people. Many professionals use the technique of incorporating numbers into the titles of their articles to attract the attention of visitors. Naps writing an article about cooking, an example would be to put “5 recipes to make paella” instead of “How to make paellas”. Putting a number makes the article more specific and precise with what they are going to find. This does not mean that a headline without numbers will fail, but if we can put a number naturally, we will notice a difference in the clicks and visits to our article.

3.- DO NOT document yourself before writing your titles

Another mistake is not doing enough research when writing an article with quality content. One of the factors that make an article successful is what we have researched prior to writing it. This is so even if you know a lot about the subject. We are not computers and many things can happen to us. Therefore, it is always wise to spend some time refreshing your mind by reading a little about what you are going to write. This will help you keep your article up to date. It will also help to write a more attractive headline.

4.- Don’t take the time to find out what people are looking for on the internet

Another thing to investigate are the key words and phrases that we are going to use. Most people don’t do this, and it is a mistake. Others believe that after Google’s algorithm changes this no longer works like this, but it is not true. Choosing the correct keywords is still an important aspect of creating good content. Done right, you will have an interesting headline and article for the visitor, and attractive to crawlers who use the web search engines.

5.- Fall into sensationalism and exaggeration

Finally, if you have one or more blogs or websites to earn income, thinking all the time about money and being able to get more will not help your headlines or content. Many people tend to exaggerate and make headlines unbelievable or real. Surely you have seen websites or articles with titles like “Earn 3000 Dollars a Week doing …”. Do you really believe those headlines? I’m not saying that there are people who earn thousands of dollars a week, but the truth is that from the outset such a headline is suspicious. Be honest with your readers and use an attractive but credible headline. Your readers will appreciate it.

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