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Types of lawyers that exist and which of them do you need?

You need to know the different types of lawyers When you are faced with a conflict, you require that you do a search according to the topic that each professional understands.

In fact, each lawyer specializes in different branches and depending on your problem, you should contact the appropriate professional who, thanks to their experience, can help you solve it.

What are the types of lawyers

While many of the types of lawyers are known, other specialties are not so well known. If you are looking for a lawyer, then you will realize the difference that lies in each specialty:

Commercial lawyer

The commercial lawyer is the corporate one that specializes in areas such as acquisitions, employment and intellectual property as the most common areas that a commercial or corporate lawyer understands.

In general, it is the professional who works in the legal area of ​​a company and can also be dedicated to helping you with a problem you have with a job or in a commercial litigation, since there are those who can work in a start up, in a small or medium-sized companies and others that are dedicated to solving commercial problems of transnational companies.

Employment attorney

The employment or labor lawyer is the professional who can help you solve problems that develop in a company by ensuring that the company has no problems and adheres to compliance with the laws that the state requires.

The labor lawyer can be a litigator, in which case he will take care of appearing in court to defend his client and draft the documents that correspond to the job.

Intellectual Property Lawyer

The intellectual property lawyer is the professional in charge of the protection of intangible or intellectual property, therefore he understands about trademarks, copyrights and patents as long as he has licenses that enable him to deal with these issues.

Finance attorney

Finance lawyers are in charge of solving issues that relate to banks, companies selling stocks and everything related to people and the issuance of money.

Family Lawyer

The family or family lawyer is the professional who understands family matters such as family planning or family assets, child custody, pre-marital agreements, inheritances, etc.

For example, the family planning attorney may be in charge of creating a trust to preserve college funds, writing a will, and other family-related occupations and problems that may arise.

Procurement attorney

The acquisition or merger lawyer is the professional who is in charge of the purchase or sale of a company, since he is the one who can carry out the entire legal procedure of the purchase or sale of a company and therefore is a fundamental professional on these occasions when the employer does not know about procedures and laws.

Bodily Injury Lawyer

The bodily injury lawyer is the professional who can help you file a lawsuit for an accident that caused injuries, because although you will go to a hospital, in the event that the diagnosis has not been satisfactory, they will help you and charge you contingency fees. , and say that you will start the relationship without charging you until your case is resolved and then you will be charged a percentage of what you have earned.

Tax attorney

The tax lawyer is the professional who works with the employer, supporting him in the ordering of federal and state taxes and even understands about estate planning.

Criminal defense attorney

The criminal defense lawyer is the professional you need if you are accused of a crime, as it helps you avoid prison or will reduce the years of your sentence, as they are lawyers who understand murders, assaults, drugs and robberies.

Traffic lawyer

The traffic lawyer is the one you need if you face a traffic ticket, as he will intercede for you and advise you on the payment you owe.

Bankruptcy attorney

The bankruptcy lawyer is the professional you need if you have problems with your company or you have debts, since they will represent you before your creditors. It will help you with the liquidation, dissolution of assets and the payment of your debts.

Internet lawyer

The internet attorney and digital media attorney who understands internet and technology issues encompassing website copyright, terms and conditions, privacy, and internet laws.

Civil lawyer

The civic lawyer is one of the types of lawyersIn this case, it is the professional who understands about issues of separation of property, child support, divorce, inheritance and in general they are lawyers who are in charge of solving legal problems concerning the daily life of each individual.

For example, it begins by reviewing the case with all its details, it will evaluate if there is a cause or not and if necessary it will file a lawsuit.

This type of lawyer, like the others, respects professional secrecy, forcing himself not to disclose your case to anyone, that is, there is professional client confidentiality and vice versa.

Types of defense attorneys

  1. The United States has a fairly complex legal system to understand when you are accused of a crime and you must appear in court, in which case you will need a defense attorney to help you solve your case.
  2. However, defense lawyers specialize in different areas, so depending on your case you will need one or another type.
  3. On the other hand, it is a quite expensive branch of the law, for this reason if you cannot hire your own lawyer, the state will assign you a public defender.
  4. While a public drowning is less expensive, depending on your case, you may require an expert drowning person who understands criminal defense and has experience in certain areas.
  5. The defense attorney can be a civilian who will help you if a lawsuit is filed against you seeking some type of compensation. For example, it is worth hiring a lawyer of this type in a civil lawsuit, if you need him to help you if you suffer damages or injuries by accident or a divorce.
  6. A defense attorney can solve a criminal case on a crime charge against property or person. He will present your innocence to the charges, negotiate with the prosecutor to reduce the sentence, and ensure a fair trial.

The criminal or juvenile defense lawyer is the one who is in charge of solving problems with trials of minors under 18 years old, since a minor who is between 10 and 17 years old cannot have a trial as if he were an adult and therefore needs a lawyer specialized in this area.

Where to Find Good Civil Law Attorneys

To win a legal case you need a good lawyer, which is not easy, as it will take you time to find him by concentrating on a professional with experience in the legal issues that relate to your case and with whom you realize that you have a good relationship with client to professional.

To find it, you can contact your local bar association and you will find the most suitable professional for your case in your area, as they will offer you a list with the public registry of lawyers and they will guide you free of charge so that you can find the one that is best oriented to solve your case.