Types of insurances offered by Banorte insurance

On Banorte insurance, you can find a wide range of products that can be according to what you need.

For example, it offers you home and business insurance, medical insurance, family insurance, life insurance and car insurance, in addition to other insurance that is related and complements the previous ones, do you want to know more? Keep reading…

What does Banorte insurance offer?

Banorte insurance It offers you several products and the peace of mind that any problem or question that afflicts you can be solved quickly, not only communicating by phone but also from the comfort of your home with your computer, since it has live chat, therefore you get immediate assistance to solve your problem.

Even from the official website you can make any complaint or claim, entering into the system the number of the claim, the policy number with the office number, the serial number of your vehicle or the insured vehicle and once the system record the data you have provided, you will receive an answer to your question within 48 hours.

But if you don’t want to wait, you can also communicate by phone by calling Monday through Thursday from 9 am to 5.30 pm and on Fridays from 9 am to 2 pm at 01 55 5078 1449.

Banorte auto insurance

Banorte insurance Autos provides coverage for your vehicle, for you as a driver, and coverage is also extended to your companions so that you have protection against damage to property and people, for example:

Banorte Premier insurance

Premier insurance offers you coverage:

  1. Material damage.
  2. For total theft.
  3. By breaking glass.
  4. Civil liability.
  5. Civil liability extension.
  6. Legal assistance.
  7. Civil liability in case of damage to third parties.
  8. Vehicle assistance.
  9. Substitute vehicle in case you suffer total loss of your vehicle due to material damage.
  10. Death of the driver in the event of a car accident.
  11. Eliminate the deductible, you get a refund of the premium in case of total loss and in case of material damage to pick up and car.
  12. Eliminate the deductible and you get a refund of the premium for total theft.

Banorte Integral Plus insurance

Integral Plus coverage covers:

  1. Material damage.
  2. Civil liability in case of damage to third parties.
  3. Extendable civil liability.
  4. Civil liability in the United States.
  5. Total theft.
  6. Glass breakage.
  7. Legal assistance.
  8. Vehicle assistance.
  9. Occupant medical expenses.
  10. Self protected EMME (medical emergencies)
  11. Premium services.
  12. Death of the driver in the event of a car accident.
  13. Substitute car in case of total theft.
  14. Funeral services.

Banorte Integral insurance

Comprehensive coverage covers you:

  1. Total theft.
  2. Material damage.
  3. Civil liability in case of third party damages.
  4. Occupant medical expenses.
  5. Legal assistance.
  6. Civil liability in the United States.
  7. Total theft.
  8. Self protected emergencies.

Banorte Women’s Insurance

The Woman coverage covers you:

  1. Glass breakage.
  2. Material damage.
  3. Total theft.
  4. Civil liability in case of damage to third parties.
  5. Occupant medical cats.
  6. Extension of civil liability.
  7. Legal assistance.
  8. Self protected emergencies.
  9. Vehicle assistance.
  10. Assistance for the driver.
  11. Protected bag.
  12. Continuous attention.

Civil liability in the United States applies when the insurance is contracted in Zacatecas, Tamaulipas, Sonora, Sinaloa, Potosí, Nuevo León, Durango, Coahuila, Chihuahua, Baja California Sur and Baja California.

You should also take into account that EMME medical emergencies is a coverage that applies to Guadalajara and Monterrey, including metropolitan areas.

On the other hand, land motor vehicles with a permanent license plate in the Mexican Republic are accepted and others must meet these requirements:

  1. They must be Mexican-made vehicles and also marketed by authorized Mexican dealers.
  2. In the case of imported vehicles, the assembly companies must be Mexican and their marketing must be carried out by authorized Mexican dealers.
  3. Vehicles must have a maximum age of 20 years to qualify for a medium or full coverage plan and for basic coverage, cars can be 30 years old.
  4. The vehicles must have a value that is a maximum of one and a half million Mexican pesos.
  5. High theft risk vehicles have a high deductible.

What to do with Banorte insurance in the event of a claim?

In the event of an accident, follow these tips:

1.Have the license plate number of the vehicle involved in the accident with you.

  1. Also have with you the name and driver’s license number of the owner of the vehicle involved.
  2. Have with you the name and address of witnesses to the claim, as it is useful in case you need civil liability.
  3. Have the person responsible for the loss stop to acknowledge that they have civil responsibility and take charge of the payment.
  4. You do not accept liability, do not promise to pay or offer, the company and the adjusters will take care of the problem.
  5. When you drive, always carry your driver’s license, the original registration card and a copy of your insurance policy.
  6. It allows the adjuster to be the one who takes care of the accident and collaborates with him.
  7. Stay at the scene of the accident with the accident vehicle.
  8. When the authorities stop the vehicle, the company needs your collaboration to take the necessary steps to release the vehicle.
  9. If a traffic authority intervenes, do not reach an agreement with the other driver, locate the adjuster.
  10. Contact the company if they transfer you to the delegation so that an adjuster can come to the place and accompany you to draw up the minutes before the authorities.

Banorte telephone insurance

If you need to contact Banorte insurance:

  1. You can call 01 800 627 2292.
  2. You can also communicate by email to [email protected]
  3. If you prefer to go in person, you can do so at Av. Paseo de la Reforma 195 Piso 1, Colonia Cuauhtémoc CP 06500, Cuauhtémoc Delegation, Mexico City.