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Turn Your Blog Into An Empire

I remember that my history teacher, who is one of my favorites in particular, once told me the following “Only those who are really crazy dare to create an empire for themselves”. Without a doubt it was something interesting. Each of these madmen that I name, tried to forge their empire in their own way.


And… I got to thinking about the different aspects of this topic (An Empire). First the conquering army. You have to enter and invade, create a fortress, and try to keep people happy.

And then I started to think… Being the owner of a blog (in my case a blog network), I have an empire. How? Keep reading…

Your Social Media Is Your Empire

When conquering a territory, we create a fortress (a base) as I mentioned before. So let’s say we’re going to “conquer Twitter.” That means I’m going to go, and I’m going to create an account on Twitter. However, if I just believe it and do nothing, it is very likely that I will not get any benefit from it.

However, if I participate by interacting with other users on Twitter, then I will start to see positive results. Unfortunately, we cannot do things the way a traditional empire does. If we are rude, or violent, we are bound to lose. Therefore, it is necessary to treat those who are already in the newly conquered territory with respect, in order to maximize our benefits.

That is why it is important that you follow some rules:

1. Secure The Front

It would be absolutely foolish of me to fight on Twitter, Facebook, and all other social media. If I still haven’t won the battle on Twitter, why should I bother wasting my time on other sites?

Focus on one site, conquer it, and then keep expanding.

2. Explore The Territory Before Invading

There are a lot of social networking sites on the internet. According to Wikipedia, there is… Well, I have decided to stop counting. In other words there are a lot. It would be absolutely absurd to try to manage profiles on all social networking sites. This is why it is important to explore before invading. Some things you might consider is to see if, are there any useful features for your site? Are people talking about a topic similar to your site?

You must obtain all that information before invading a territory, because this requires a lot of time and resources. Rome never invaded the Arabian peninsula, because there was nothing beneficial about it, and oil did not matter to them at that time. In other words, don’t go to a place, otherwise you will make a profit.

Collect all that information, and then attack.

3. Be Part Of The Territory

If you are going to conquer a new territory and expand your empire, you must be part of that territory. This is not limited to simply entering, making a profile or a page on the site, and then leaving. You have to participate. You have to be open to communicate with the inhabitants of that territory.

By having that communication, you will see yourself as a friendly person. Even if your end goal is simply to make money with those people. You must convince them that you want to be part of their community.

Put a picture on your profile. A list of interests. A link to your site. Make it look complete, so that you look like a genuine member of the community.

4. Learn Their Customs

Just because you are the owner of your blog, it does not mean that you are the owner of the world. In other places, there are people who are much more important than you, within that community. Try not to complain about them, because loyalty takes time to develop. If you create trouble, you will be quickly banished from that community.

Because of this you need to learn their customs and traditions. What behavior should I have on this site? What things can you talk about and what things can’t?

You must try to fit in, within the community without anyone bothering you.

5. Create Alliances

You can be on Twitter and you can be doing a good job of getting followers. However, if there is another person whose interests may coincide with yours, you would have a much stronger force to expand within social networks. This is why it is necessary to create alliances with other people on social media sites.

These alliances must be beneficial to both parties. This means that you have to do a lot for them, and very little for yourself. Once you’ve nurtured the relationship and they know you’re trustworthy, they’ll most likely return the favor.

By following these simple rules, you will be able to expand your empire quickly …