Triple AAA insurance in Spanish customer service phone

If you are looking for a cheap insurance company, you need to contact triple aaa insurance in spanish phone, because you know that in addition to a good price, it offers you ideal coverage even in the basic plan.

Therefore, below you will get everything you need to know about this insurance company including how to communicate and other issues that are very interesting to you, so keep reading …

How do I get in touch with triple aaa insurance in Spanish?

Triple aaa insurance in Spanish phoneFor your peace of mind, it has several telephone lines to contact you.

  • You can call 800 222 4357 which is the general attention line.
  • You can call 800 564 622 in case you want to be a customer of AAA insurance.
  • You will be choosing one of the companies that offer you a good price and basic coverage that includes in addition to bodily injury liability, personal injury protection, medical bill payments, and underinsured or uninsured motorist in addition to comprehensive coverage.
  • Note that AA is the Federation of Motor Clubs that offers its services to members including roadside assistance.
  • Also consider that the purchase of your AAA insurance does not mean that you obtain AAA membership, but as a member you save a percentage on your auto insurance policy of 5% which is what you would pay for the membership.
  • By obtaining the membership you can add your family members to enjoy the same benefits for which you will add them as associate members, which is convenient although you will pay about 30 and 70 dollars for each one.
  • Especially if you choose the AAA Premier membership you will get more benefits such as a refund on the locksmith fee of your car or house of up to 150 dollars, 200 miles of towing, travel insurance, medical evacuation and everything that corresponds to the AAA Plus membership.
  • With the AAA Plus membership you get benefits such as up to 100 miles of extended towing, free fuel in an emergency, free international maps and additional locksmith coverage,
  • To contact customer service for AAA insurance phone Call 1 800 222 4357 or 1 800 955-4 if you are hearing impaired.

AAA insurance in Spanish

Aaa insurance in spanish is a group that was founded in Chicago, United States in 1902 and today operates in the state of Florida.

In this way, it offers you different types of coverage including:

  • Vehicles with low insurance or without insurance.
  • Liability for bodily injury.
  • Damage to the car by collision.
  • Civil liability for property damage.
  • Full coverage for natural phenomena including vandalism, theft, fire, flood, etc.
  • Protection for personal injury including medical expenses for an accident or loss of income, death and funeral expenses.
  • Civil liability for property damage with payment for damage to third party property.
  • Car rental with reimbursement of the expenses of renting a car after an accident.
  • New car protection when your car is under repair or for total loss of your car.

AAA benefits assistance in Spanish

AAA assistance in Spanish You not only receive it on the road, but with your membership you access programs and discounts at national and local businesses.

You also receive assistance in saving on medical prescriptions, because you will not worry in the event that your insurance does not cover your medications, because with the discount program for medical prescriptions you will be able to buy what your doctor prescribed in many pharmacies including if you Try a recipe from your pet.

It provides you with assistance in the DMV or RMV registration, since you will not waste time registering your vehicle, you will visit one of the AAA branches that participate in the program and you will be able to renew your license or register it.

With the bicycle service you enjoy the same roadside assistance that allows you two calls a year of up to 10 miles for each call.

If you are a teenager, you can enjoy the AAA Insider for young people, because you enter the program for free and you will access AAA bonuses and discounts with roadside assistance for your bicycle in addition to the year as an associate member when you reach the driving age.

With the Healthy Paws program you have access to a 10% discount for your pet’s insurance, you will insure it and in the event that it suffers from a genetic condition, an illness or injury or needs urgent attention, it will be covered.

You will save time with the notary public service, that is, the documents and forms can be certified by a notary public of a local AAA branch, which is exclusive for you as a member.

AAA customer service, hours and phone number

AAA customer service you can contact at any time of the day by registering at My account in the virtual office

As a customer you can communicate from 6a.m. at 11pm to the telephone center: (787) 620 2482.

You can also download the mobile App from Google Play or the App Store.

If you need the phone number of aaa insurance For more information, you can contact (787) 751 8125 if you have hearing problems or (787) 620 24823, the customer service phone number.

AAA triple crane service and roadside assistance

The triple aaa crane service It is a type of policy that assists you when you have a problem with your car, in which case it will help you if you punctured a tire, if you ran out of gas then you will get a small amount, if you lost your car key and you cannot open it or if it is necessary to tow your car if you had an accident.

You can subscribe to these services through your auto insurance company.

Well, AAA offers you roadside assistance services as well as discounts at hotels and car rental companies.

For this, it offers you programs such as AAA Premium, AAA Plus and AAA Classic. Regardless of the service you choose, you will always receive assistance from workshops and towing companies.

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