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Traffic and conversions, two ways that lead your business to success

We all know that to be successful with our business we need to bring traffic to it, but this is not all, the reality is that the traffic without what we call “conversions”It has no value, since what every business seeks is to be profitable.

So how do you make the traffic that enters your business platform, your blog, your capture page be a tprofitable traffic?

In this article I want to talk to you about some principles that you need to take into account so that you traffic become profitable, but we will only talk about paid traffic.

It is not that free traffic does not offer the results we seek or can be profitable, but for a successful online business we need to be able to manage our traffic, with which the results, the faster the better.

Traffic and conversions

Traffic and conversions, two parts that are a single entity.

Design- The design of a blog is vital, we are talking here about the appearance or image that your visitor perceives when entering the first 5 seconds in your blog, from the empty spaces, the colors, the elements that you place on the left or right of your blog, the sidebar.

Currently you need whether or not to have a blog with a responsive themes, since if it cannot be read from mobile phones you will have serious problems with the positioning of your site in search engines.

Capture Pages- Working and directing your traffic to a capture page is one of the best options to achieve conversions, in this case from visitors to subscribers, so that you can create a relationship with your subscribers who already have an interest in what you are doing.

One of the advantages of directing your traffic to a capture page is that the people who leave their data are really interested in what you propose, or at least they will give you a chance to see what you have for them.

According to statistics, a good capture page can be 40% – 50%, while the conversion on a blog generally does not exceed 10%.

One of the secrets here is that you offer a really good bonus, that is really related to your niche, that really interests your potential client or ideal client. Take into account that many times you do not need to create huge ebooks that you need 5 hours to read, it is 100 times better, for example, to make a specific guide on something that your visitors could use, it is practical and simple, it is often perceived as more valuable than a lot of information.

Registration forms- One of the bases to generate conversions is to work based on the creation of a list of subscribers, for which you need to direct your traffic to several capture pages and to your registration forms on your blog, for example its location on the blog is vital. , let’s see some of them:

TO- On the Homepage or home page- This page is one of the ones that receives the highest amount of traffic, so it is vital that you have a form on it.

B- At the top of the sidebar- A form in this section, preferably in the highest section, will allow you to have a presence with your bonus in each of the posts you write. In this case, a form in the sidebar, I do not recommend that you place it for example in the middle, after banners or your social widgets for example, since your visitors will always give more importance to what they see first, even more if you voucher or proposal for them to leave their data is of great value to your visitors.

C- On the page about another space where you need to place a registration form, since this is one of the pages that your potential customers also visit the most, even on this page you will need to place your accesses to other important pages such as social profiles and modes of connect with you.

D- At the end of each post- If you think about it, when one of your readers has just read an article on your blog is possibly one of the moments in which they will be more receptive and therefore with a greater interest in subscribing to your list and receiving so notifications whenever you post new content.

AND- Using a Pop-Up- Using this type of tool can allow you to considerably increase subscriptions, however on other occasions it can turn against you, since it can be annoying for your readers. However, from experience I can tell you that if your voucher is really valuable, helps them or is a guide, they do not present problems or you will never receive complaints for using these types of resources.

Persuasive writing- I have already talked about this topic in other posts but it turns out that the design or location of your forms often does not matter much, the way you write, how you talk to your visitors has a lot of influence in relation to, for example, persuasion towards actions. defined or towards achieving defined results.

This area is Copywriting, which is the process of writing something in order to promote a person, a business, an opinion, or an idea. It can be implemented in plain text, as an advertisement on radio or television, in an email, on a website, and in a variety of other media. The main purpose of this way of writing is marketing, or promoting something.

It is about persuading the reader or listener to act. We may want you to buy something, request more information, or simply persuade you of a certain point of view.

Copywriting is an art and a science and is used in almost all business areas such as sales, business plans, advertisements etc.

MY recommendation is that you learn as much as you can about copywriting.

Email marketing- Much has been said about this topic, the truth is that it is still the best tool to generate credibility, authority and supremacy in the market in which you operate, it is generally seldom said that the highest sales of the great marketers come without any doubt of their subscriber lists, which are huge, which means that after a launch they can easily achieve five-figure earnings.

The factors that determine the conversion rate


This information is just the beginning, the web traffic and conversion that your business needs is a study that never ends, since the techniques are changing, the processes, even the tools and practices differ from time to time as everything on the Internet.