Tool to optimize the sending of our business newsletters and achieve the desired impact on customers

For the proper promotion of a business it is essential to have a good marketing campaign, and one possibility is precisely the email marketing. Through this strategy we can send messages related to our company such as promotions, discounts or news and information about business to the different prospects.

The Internet offers us many alternatives that are well worth using, but many are paid or very complex to handle. And a free option and specially designed to solve this problem is, a tool with which we can create personalized email messages through the use of professional templates where we can place our content complemented with attachments and images.

sending our business newsletters
Perhaps it has happened to you that the e-mails they send you never appear in your inbox despite being legitimate, so you miss reading excellent news or being able to enjoy a discount coupon to name a few examples. And so that this does not happen to your potential clients or readers, Campayn has optimized its system in such a way that all your newsletters or emails reach their destination.

Campayn is compatible with services such as Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, Gmail, AOL Mail, among others, as well as being present on mobile platforms with Android and iOS (iPhone or iPad).

We can also share our newsletters on social networks (Facebook, Twitter or Google+) so that our contacts can, in turn, share such interesting messages with others. On the other hand, you will have a reporting area for you to manage the sending and reading of your personalized emails.

Campayn is an alternative to optimize our email marketing campaigns from the web or from our smartphones, it has a free version but if you need more space and more functionalities, then perhaps you will opt for the paid versions.

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