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Tips to start an Internet business, the importance of having a title and taking action

Starting an online business often involves a series of ideas that can block our actions and prevent new results; One of these ideas is that to create an online business we need to be professionals or have a certification or title that supports what we do or what we want to start doing.

The reality is very different, in life as online we only have a single goal, THE RESULTS.

This means that starting online does not imply that we need a degree or a certain certification, of course, if you plan to develop a service related to specialized practices, it is clear and evident that you will need these certifications, but otherwise you only need your actions produce results or changes in those people who want to work with you or hire your - start on the internet

All experience is achieved thanks to constant practice, this does not mean that we are continually preparing ourselves, so surely along the way we will acquire certifications or titles that endorse it, but this does not mean that our skills are in accordance with what a role can say that we are or do.

Particularly in my case, I started online with the idea of ​​having a new option, an option that would later become a passion that would really take a “liking”, so to speak, but when I started I didn’t have any documentation, certification or title. , and yet I launched myself to take action and began to study what was necessary to maintain myself and grow in both experience and knowledge.

The degrees came later, but in response to what I really liked to do, although my academic degree says that I am a master builder, focused on construction, my passion leads me to online business and the coach of entrepreneurs as integral coach, actions for which I work day by day with other entrepreneurs.

3 Tips that will help you get started regardless of whether you have a degree or certification.

MY recommendation is that you start and on the way you will define what you really like and focus on achieving the necessary knowledge and certifications, but this will happen in the process, do not wait to have everything first and then launch yourself, I can assure you that something will always be missing , the perfect thing we are looking for will never be there, and ultimately that is what has to move us to action, “continuous improvement”.

1- Start

Start at once, start with a blog, it doesn’t matter if it’s free, focus on what you are passionate about, on the topics you like to spend time reading or looking for information.

With this you will learn what you need to be online, create content, create videos, advertise, share with other entrepreneurs what you are learning, etc.

2- Find what you like

After starting, taking action, you will be able to define well what you like, it is very common that we enter the Internet with an idea, but that along the way we find ourselves attracted by another path, another market or business models.

This is not bad, on the contrary, the only way you would know was by taking action and starting, if you do not start you will not know what it feels like to be creating value, content, etc.

3- Train you in it

You already know what you like, what you want to spend time on online, now is the time to achieve the necessary knowledge and the certifications that this implies. Doing this from the beginning is often a waste of time, since during the initial process it may happen that you realize that what you want is something else.

Now with the experience you already have, you can define exactly what you want and enjoy it to the fullest, which is when we can really begin to consider ourselves successful entrepreneurs.

I hope this post is useful for you, this topic is generally on the minds of people who want to start in Internet business, I invite you to leave your comments or share this article with other people who may find it of interest.

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