Tips to identify whether or not you are making progress with your online business

Everything online business is built with the hope that it will become a profitable activity, in fact it is the first commercial law, “if it is not profitable it is not a business”; Now, many entrepreneurs start an online venture with the confidence of achieving enough income to sustain their lives and one of the doubts that generally always accompanies them is whether or not they are advancing with their business.

The problem begins when to define if we are advancing or not our judgment is taken from the angle of whether we really generate money, when in reality and in my experience the best way to approach this question is not whether we make money or not at the beginning, it is more important when we are starting is to create a firm base, let’s see what I mean …


You advance or you do not advance with your online business, in what aspects of your business to look to determine it?

As I mentioned at the beginning, and it is a trap that many entrepreneurs fall into when starting their business, if you focus on the money that your business is generating, it is like waiting to harvest corn without having planted first.

There are other key factors that we have to look at first, factors that we often do not pay attention to at the beginning and are essential to generate money. Without these factors we cannot achieve a real advance, you can generate a random sale, by chance really, but creating a solid business is impossible without first having the foundations.

Create these elements from which only then can we launch our business and hope to really reap economic results TAKES YOUR TIME, yes I know, nobody wants to hear this, everyone is in search of quick profits, reality, and I am sure that if You read me regularly, you know, is that quick wins only exist in movies where a life passes in less than two hours.

What, then, are these elements that we have to create to start an online business and later expect results?

This is nothing new, we have read it thousands of times, but we still fall into the “make money while you sleep” ads, which are courses that show you the exact steps to make money, now the only problem is that you have them to go, you have to walk the path, do the practices, take constant action and then only after “a certain time” really earn “money while you sleep.”

Focusing the word “results” on whether or not you make money when you are starting in online business is a mistake, your approach to determine your progress or not is to focus on building your online structure, creating firm foundations, only then can you wait really make money.

When you start focusing on making money only from the first month, I can assure you that your thinking does not have substance to support these results, so it is most likely that before three months you will quit because you could never generate income.

These are the factors you need to focus on when starting out and measure your progress as you build them.

– Web structure

You cannot generate income in online businesses if you do not have a structure that supports you, that serves as support for what you are doing, I have talked in more detail about what this structure is in other posts, but creating a structure is like fishing with a net, in which there are hundreds of hooks, which is totally different from fishing with just one rod and nothing else.

– Presence in social networks

You need exposure, nobody sells anonymously, there are possibly business models in which you can do it, but sooner or later you will have to make yourself known.

A business lives off sales and sales are made by offering your products or services in places and to people who are really interested in your products and currently most of these people are surely users of some of the social networks.

– Creation of systems

The term “earn money while you sleep”, alludes to working with the creation of systems, processes created to ensure that a potential client can access everything they need to purchase your product or service being online and without the need for your you’re assisting him.

For example, a sales letter about a certain product is part of a system in which a potential client, if interested, can withdraw his card, make the purchase and receive the product in seconds after his payment has been processed; all this automatically and without the need for you to be present.

One reality is that it is very unlikely that you will start generating income if you have not created different systems or sales funnels in your business before.

One of the wonders of the 21st century, and I’m not talking about technology, but credit cards, is that they make this whole process possible.

– Training

You cannot do any of the above without training, you need preparation to effectively create these processes, step by step, even if your market niche is more specific or focused on a particular professional topic, then you will also need to always be updated in your profession, otherwise you can become obsolete very quickly.

Now you can see that you cannot enter thinking about making money without having created all this before, this is a reality, not everyone will tell you, but this does not mean that at some point you have to do it by then if you generate the income that really you you deserve in your life.

I hope this information is helpful in your entrepreneurial journey, I invite you to leave your comments and share this article with other people who may find it helpful.

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