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Tips to get ideas and write valuable articles on your blog

write valuable articles create contentWrite articles It has always been one of the main barriers when entrepreneurs are starting their online business, they know they need to create a blog, but their main dilemma, beyond the technical part that is currently totally simplified, is how write articles that interest a specific audience.

The truth is that write articles By itself, expressing each idea as if you were talking to a friend, it is not something that is achieved overnight; But we can start practicing creating articles based on different resources that we can find online.

Today I want to talk to you about some of them, so that you can shape new ideas and create the content you need for your business, with practice and time you will be able to do it without even having a base on which to write, simply the words will find their way of expression and will be able to give value to thousands of people.

Ideas to write articles and not die trying.

The ideas or methods are some of those that I have used in my beginnings, there are even very good ideas that I continue to use since they add great value to my followers, these are:


Training is the basis of your business, which is why it begins even before you start your business, therefore many times you already have knowledge that you can share with others and that can help them. Constant training will always give you new ideas to create valuable content, that will be noticed in your blog, since at the beginning it will be in one way but as you move forward with your blog you will notice that it has much more wealth, better content and you will create content in one way. looser way.


Reading other articles for example by experts in your area or market niche will not only give you ideas to create content, it will also be one of the best ways to keep abreast of what is happening in your market, you will inform yourself and get ideas for share with your followers creating better content for them.


Article directories are the basis for tons of information on all kinds of topics, so it is also a good option to have ideas for your articles or different content on your blog; even these same directories can be used later to upload your articles as well and share them with even larger audiences.


When we create an online business we are continuously developing, testing new techniques, processes, testing different results and trying other things, all this experience can be transferred to your articles, your content, surely your audience will find it of interest if they are after your same steps.


Another way to also have ideas for content is to talk about certain products in your niche, what we call article reviews, your opinion about them after trying them. This technique will not only serve as content on your blog, but it will also allow you to generate income with them, since you may find people who are interested in those products and when they see your review they decide to buy them, generating your profits if they do it from your affiliate link.

A free platform where you can find products related to your niche that you can talk about in your articles is the platform, I highly recommend it, it is free and rest assured that you will receive the profits you generate.


Attending talks, studying conferences and videos with information from your sector is vital for your growth, these are opportunities that you can also use to devise content for your blog or business, this is an activity that you will have to do very often, therefore when unless you expect it, your mind will be full of ideas that you will not be able to define if you have heard them or they have occurred to you, and this will happen even more if what you are doing, if the business you are in is your passion, what you like, what you really want to do.


Future projects can also be reflected in your articles, your followers can know your plans, your projects to add even more value in their lives, this will mean that if they really add value they are expected projects, you can even have people who want to be part of them even without being completed.

steps to write articles

These are some of the resources that you can use, the main thing here is to know your audience perfectly, who you want to reach with the content you are going to create and that you know they are interested in, therefore you already have a base to search for information about it. The rest is to prepare your article based on what you have chosen and upload it to your blog.

I hope this information is of value to you, I invite you to leave your comments or share the article with other people who may find it useful.