Tips for the local SME on the internet

When The entrepreneurs They are dedicated to starting with a Small or Medium-sized Company (SME) and this begins to give good results many questions come to mind, questions like How can I sell more? How can I attract more Clients? How can I create my own Personal Branding Is It Time To Create A Website? Questions like these are some of the many that we can get to ask ourselves, however, most small and medium-sized companies with some exceptions begin by selling or offering services locally, since they do not have the investment, staff and infrastructure to expand. especially when we are starting, this is something common many of the largest companies have started this way and it takes time and effort to take a higher leap.

Tips for the local SME on the internet

When within these questions we give the yes to begin with the internet business, create a web page, a page on Facebook, Twitter or another Social Network, before a serious analysis of the objectives of the site will have to be made, whether it is to attract more customers, create a presence, sell online or all of the above depending on the degree investment of time, money and effort that we want to do, I recommend you read the following points in detail.

The website

For many of The entrepreneurs inexperienced in matters of Internet business This is undoubtedly the first option to consider, creating a website that our clients can enter, attract more clients, make themselves known, create a presence or achieve a certain degree of trust in clients are just some of the main reasons for Creating a website, however, ignorance of how Internet businesses often work or how the work cycle is between the website and your potential customers is something that omitting it makes us pay for a website that is never visited, which They do not have any functionality and above all that we will pay year after year to renew it, if your first option is a website I recommend that you think very well about some details:

  • The name of my company and my brand is final
  • My market will be local or will expand to more than one city, town, state or region
  • We actually know what Google searches are for our market

Knowing these details will make your strategy more effective and above all your website will work more efficiently and will not be just another site on the Internet that nobody visits.

Social networks

This topic always gives a lot to talk about in internet business And it is that either it is fashion or it is the future of communications and relationships between people, and even between companies and clients, but before starting with social networks we must think:

  • Do we know how they work?
  • Do we know how to use them for business?
  • What should I do when I am in a social network?
  • How should I find my market and make them find me?
  • Do I know the meaning of the terms of viral marketing or social media marketing?
  • Do I know the type of Social Network I am in, how does it work, how can I exploit it?

Not asking yourself these questions is a classic of those who think that just being on social networks, having friends and replacing the investment of a website with having a Facebook page and thinking that it is the same or it will work the same is the most common mistake and above all more unforgivable, no medium on the Internet is the same, a website is not the same as a site on Facebook, or a page on Twitter, you have to know a little, read, investigate or seek advice from a professional, Internet Marketing is It applies differently depending on the place and the results will depend on how well you focus and do what you need to do where you need to do it.

Internet marketing

Is having a site on the Internet, a page in a Social Network, is Internet marketing? If it is correct, however not completely, marketing on your website, on your Social Networks page is a common practice but it is not the only functionality that these platforms can have, in the previous ones you can maintain contact with your customers, offer them More options for them to know about you and explore in detail who you are and what you offer, you can sell and you can even create relationships with your customers or suppliers, but there are many other ways to do Marketing, there are classified ad sites, promote yourself within others websites buying paid spaces, Google Adwords advertising, in short we have a lot of variety, it is only a matter of investigating the important thing at this point is that you distinguish that a site on the Internet is not only for Marketing, for that there are many other options. that your sites do more than that.

If you think carefully about these points, you may exploit with greater power the Internet business and avoid falling into errors that could lead to failure on the Internet and that you do not take it further into consideration in your future plans, remember if your business plans on the Internet do not work in large part it will be your fault, since sometimes you trust a “Professional” is not the best option, at least we must know what they do and what they should do and the person in charge of your business is you, do not blindly leave the future of your company on the Internet.