Tips for opening a first-class SPA as a business idea

What is a SPA?

It is a place where different treatments, therapies or relaxation systems are applied, using water as a base; all focused on the physical, mental and spiritual well-being of the person.

A few years ago attending a SPA was considered a luxury and that in addition to this it could only be delivered by women, today it is an alternative also for men that helps to counteract the effects of an oppressive lifestyle, and therefore another part, that of entrepreneurs; especially for health lovers, it turns out to be a very good business

In this market there are 3 types of SPA:

Day-Spa (Day Spa) or urban good: In this class the service is given exactly the same day, normally this modality is more concentrated in urban areas.

Destination Spa: In addition to the services of a spa, it offers accommodation; generally the destination spa is in hotels, tourist complexes or in tourist places.

Medical Spa: In a spa that also offers medical treatments and drugs under the supervision of a doctor. In this genre of spa, you will be able to locate the applications that are more in demand little by little of botox, facelifts, liposuctions, liposculptures, as anti-aging treatments.

In Mexico, more than five hundred Day Spas are open to the public, and more than three hundred Destination Spas, with Mexico being the world leader in this field followed by Thailand with two hundred and thirty.

On the other hand, the operation of medical Spas in this country is smaller, there are only forty, however it is the segment that is reporting the most development by registering a rate of over fifty percent per year and it should be noted in addition to this, that ninety percent one hundred of these businesses are run by Mexican entrepreneurs. “

«It is a very effective alternative to alleviate one of today’s diseases such as stress.
Through certain treatments, people can improve their health, have a more statuesque figure, and appear younger.
It is a service that does not exclude the male gender, today both men and women attend a Spa to seek to feel and look good.

SPA Advantages as a profitable business

For the Ministry of Tourism, Spas are one of the areas of health tourism with the greatest potential in the country.
It has become a high growth segment. For a long time, businesses related to this line of business were wasting the national market, today the outlook is different, more centers like this are opening and potential customers are continually increasing.

  • Quick return on investment.
  • It is a business that offers peace of mind not only to its clients, but also to those who work in it.
  • It has wide possibilities of expansion.

Services and investment to open a Spa

Relaxing and revitalizing therapies: Massages such as temacal, shiatsu, Thai, Swedish, Thai or hot stones.

  • Reductive massages.
  • Facials: Mechanotherapy, use of appliances, scrubs and creams.
  • Nutrition.
  • Physical conditioning.
  • Hydrotherapy technique applied through a sauna, jacuzzi or temazcal.
  • Physiotherapy and orthopedics.

How much to invest to open a SPA?

Specialists in the field consider that investing in a day or urban SPA requires a startup investment of 250,000 US dollars, the investment to start a Medical Spa is 500,000 US dollars.

A Destination Spa requires a higher investment, you can start with US $ 2,000,000.

The investment is recovered very quickly, it is calculated in a year and a half in the case of the Day-Spa. By the second year of operations the business is already capable of registering a development of thirty percent.

The main expenses of this business are the fees and salaries of the assistants who take forty-nine percent of the income, eight percent is for the rent of the premises, thirteen percent for disposable materials and nineteen percent for payments of public services such as telephone, electricity and water.

Equipment and material necessary for a Spa

Before looking for the one indicated for your Spa, consult the Mexican SPA Rule that refers to the Basic Requirements of Quality in the Service and also Facilities (NMX-TT-nine). Such rule was formulated by the Tourism Secretariat and the Mexican Association of SPA; It is unique on the planet and has been done with the aim of meeting international quality standards in services, facilities and products.
Take it into consideration, in this way you will avoid heavy penalties and even the closure of your business.

  • Jacuzzis.
  • Hydraulic massage beds.
  • Armchairs.
  • Auxiliary tables.
  • Lockers.
  • Computer equipment.
  • Solar screens.
  • Appliance equipment: High frequency, galvanic or micro galvanic frequency machines.
  • Telephone line.
  • Water and electricity services contract.
  • Permits and licenses of the Segregaría de Salud (SSA).
  • Staff: You can start with an administrator, a receptionist, 2 therapists and a person in charge of cleaning.
  • White (sheets).
  • Disposable material: robes, towels, sandals.
  • Beauty products.
  • Oils, essences and creams.
  • Promotional expenses.

SPA operation and prices of services

At the beginning of the business and with the aim of recovering your investment as soon as possible, of course without forgetting to offer a quality service, it is recommended to work nine hours a day, opening all week.

  1. Have as an initial purpose to apply a maximum of three or four daily treatments.
  2. Each therapy should not last more than one hour.
  3. Before a next therapy, the space must be perfectly clean and prepared, this should not take more than twenty-thirty minutes.

Cost of SPA services

The cost of the services provided by a Spa depends on its location and the offer. The minimum profit margin for services is fifty percent, especially in an urban type.
To serve as an example, if a traditional massage performed in one hour is US $ 580: the therapist’s fees are US $ 200, US $ 55 for disposable material and US $ 35 for consumption of oil and essences used to deliver the anatomical massage.

Aroma therapy session: Its cost is varied, it depends on the consumption of the essences and the anatomical surface to be treated; the cost of the product is twenty percent or thirty percent of the cost of the service, for the public a service like this can amount up to 250 usd (US dollars).

In addition to this, there are other somewhat more exotic treatments such as chocolate therapy that have a high cost, but also a high cost of sale that compensates for it.


Tips for a first-class SPA

Spas require informed leaders who are continually updated to respond to the new needs of service customers, so continuously train yourself and do the same with your staff.

Do not stop creating, incorporate new components, comprehensive services, physical and cultural activities that give balance body-psyche-spirit; such as spining classes, gymnastics, reading room, healthy cooking, laundry, events and conferences.

Make sure your Spa has professionals and services for all kinds of service clients.
Take into consideration the facilities of your business, the design and the presentation of your people; you are selling a term, make this all match.

The rooms in your Spa must be comfortable, functional and with a touch of luxury.
Take into account the beliefs of your customers of the service, your business are.
Cheap can be costly as you choose the best quality products.
Perhaps at the beginning you do not have each and every one of the devices to operate your Spa, but this is your training and experience that in the future will give you a complete team.

Your Spa through a franchise

If you prefer to start your business with a tried and tested procedure, then the solution is a franchise. The cost can range from $ 300,000 to $ 6,500,000. Royalty fees range from 3% to 6%, depending on the franchise.

ROI can be in six months or up to five years.

The cost of the franchise includes in certain cases, professionalization, know-how and the supply of furniture and equipment.

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