Three fundamental keys to achieve greater results in our business

Achieving results is the objective of every business, this at the beginning of every venture is vital, the first stages are generally to test processes and make adjustments, the faster we can see what really influences our sales, the better.

In this post I want to talk to you about three keys, habits that are essential that we adopt so that the results begin to occur little by little.

The customer is always the axis of our business, learning from them and knowing how to put ourselves in their place will help us improve our products or marketing systems.

3 keys to achieve results in our business

– Customers only buy products that they consider valuable

This seems logical, however many times we come across businesses that do not have exactly defined what they offer, their real value proposition or the benefits that those who buy their products or services will actually find.

It is enough to just take the place of our clients and see if we are really offering a real benefit to them; but this is only one side of the coin, the other equally important part is to think if we are really transmitting that idea; since if we do not do it in the correct way we run the risk that our message will not reach them and therefore we will not have the clients we are looking for.

Identifying an appropriate value proposition is as important as the strategy we use to communicate it, so that our message can be perceived and understood by our potential clients.

What tools do we use to convey a message? The tools that we can use range from our website, the copy of the site, the images, the videos, the colors, our advertising; but our contributions to social networks, our actions with current clients, etc., etc. also transmit our message.

The perception of value

The way in which a potential client perceives our products or services is decisive when they make a purchase, because if they see a certain cost but do not come to perceive that in reality the value of what that product has is worth it, then it is very difficult for them to buy or hire our services.

An example of this is that when a potential client is in front of a product or service and says that it is expensive, what he is communicating to us is not only that does not perceive its value, but we we can’t show the real value of that product. One of the ways to increase the perceived value of a product without a doubt is to add or add bonuses, this technique is widely used and if indeed the products that accompany the main product provide real added value, then it is certain that sales will begin to flow.

Value of a product, cost and perception of itThey are concepts that are related and that intervene in all types of businesses, whether physical or online; It is not a question here of lowering prices, but of complementing, adding and not subtracting elements from the product or service.

Think about it, in affiliate marketing it is very common to see this type of strategy, generally marketing experts seek to increase the value of a certain product, making you see that you not only take the central product, but many other products are also added to your purchase. times as much or more valuable than the one you initially buy.

In the case of online services, coaching, consultancies, it is the same, you add to the core product services that are also perceived as highly valuable, so the resistance to buying is low, since it is perceived as a purchase of greater value.

– Credibility, authenticity and trust

Would you buy from someone you don’t know or have never heard of? Neither do I, at least without a previous data search.

People buy from well-known brands, this is a reality, then our main job will be to first create the necessary credibility, be authentic and make our potential clients trust us; then if the time comes when we can offer our products or services; But by then they will have a much more precise idea of ​​who we are, what we do, how we do it and the results they can expect if they work with us or buy our products.

This process can also be reinforced by elements that many times can partially supplant the trajectory of a professional, for example; This is the case of an entrepreneur who from the beginning already begins with elements such as logos, web pages, sales pages or products with a high level of design and professionalization. There are many more options but what is involved here is that the potential client perceives a high value in acquiring products or services from a certain site.

Methods, keys, systems to achieve greater results with our businesses are varied, however I consider that the most important is to start to undertake, train and advance until creating the online business in which they are really comfortable, a business that will surely be in benefit of all.

I hope this article is useful for you, I invite you to leave your comments or share this post with other people who may find it helpful.

A cordial greeting and the best of successes.

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