The web structure to start an online business, 2 essential elements

Internet businesses are a topic that has been booming in recent years, however there are still thousands of people or entrepreneurs who in one way or another think about starting an online business and begin to investigate what is needed for it.

I am sure that I am not exaggerating if I tell you that it is that research, they find tons of information, concepts, techniques or procedures to create an online business, but what is even worse is that the main question still remains unanswered, which it is How do I start and what does it really do?nneECsite to have an online business?

This question is one of the most important and many times an online business is started without having answered it completely, and this is fine; It is not my advice that you learn everything you need to get started, I prefer that you jump in at once and on the way you can get everything you need to advance to higher levels.

In this post I want to talk to you about what we recommend as entrepreneurs to have to start an online business that achieves the foundations and the necessary basis to then work all the other techniques and processes that you will need to do so that your business reaches the levels to which you want to take it; this is CREATING A WEB STRUCTURE.

The creation of a web structure will allow you to take your business to a much wider circle than if you start, for example, only selling products in Mercado Libre or offering affiliate or MLM products in Facebook groups.

A WEB STRUCTURE allows you to work on your Personal Brand, generate credibility as you add value to the market, and what is very important in this online world, each time you achieve more exposure in front of your potential clients.

Starting your online business from this line, creating a web structure, is not difficult or impossible, on the contrary, it will give you great advantages over other entrepreneurs who work in isolation, without a firm foundation, which only this structure can give you, Starting with your web structure will allow you to save time and in less than a week you can begin to give visibility to your content so that your business, your products or your services reach thousands of people on the Internet.

Web structure, your business on a firm foundation.

To start your online business creating your web structure you first have to define two things:

– The theme or market niche on which you will base your business

About what your online business will be about, this is fundamental, you can do it based on the knowledge you already have, something that you have always enjoyed doing or even if you have not defined this topic yet, you can simply start on topics related to what you you would like to do online, offer online; regardless of whether or not you have knowledge of this topic, because if you really like it, I’m sure you will enjoy learning and looking for the best information about it.

– Know the needs of your ideal or potential client

The second and then that you have defined what your online business is about, you must focus on your market, who are these people, what they seek, what they want to solve, their problems, etc. This is to know your target audience since this is what all the content that you will have to create on your sharing platforms later goes.

On this aspect it is important to always know what is being talked about, for this you will surely have to be in constant learning, even more so online where advances, processes and techniques change over time. But even more important is that your content focuses more on what your audience needs to learn, this is content that helps them, than content about your skills, how good you are or your merits or titles as a student; This is important, but what people are looking for online is for someone to understand them and who can help them improve or get out of the state they are in.

After knowing these two previous points we must move on to the creation of the web structure itself, this is nothing more than a series of platforms or profiles that work together and serve as levers, one to the other, so that your business grows every day until you achieve greater exposure and reach thousands of potential customers each month.

The most important elements of a web structure for entrepreneurs are:

– Your website

Undoubtedly the main part of your structure, the creation of a website and your blog, from here you can create all kinds of content, in various formats, and then you can distribute them on social networks and other article platforms if you wish. .

Your blog is always the center of your business, because in it people who are interested in what you do, your products or your services will be able to find you 24 hours a day, even through various systems or processes you can start your own list of subscribers, create credibility and confidence and thus to be able to demonstrate that you are the expert that they need to advance.

But always keep in mind that a blog is only the beginning, by itself it cannot achieve anything, if we create an article and do not distribute it it will never be popular or it will be able to reach other audiences; therefore, this is where the other part of your web structure, the profiles on social networks, play an important role.

– Your social profiles

At the moment More than 90% of the people who are online are part of a social network, and your customers will be mostly online; So we need to have a presence on these social networks with our content, so that they can know that our business exists and that we can help them with what they want to solve.

There are hundreds of social networks, but the most important in which a business should be, even in some more than others depends on the market you choose to work, are Facebook because they have the best segmentation system that exists, Google+ because it will help you improve your positioning in Google, Pintarest mostly if you work on images, Linkedin to create valuable connections for your business and like you as a Brand; Twitter for the great ease with which you can become followers who promote your Brand and of course Instagram for the power of accessing thousands of potential customers who are sharing valuable information every day.

Now, this is only the beginning, if you enter with the idea that you do not have to work a lot, and more at the beginning, then this is not for you, to be successful online is to learn to manage a living business, which is constantly changing, With the basic structure we talked about before, you can start creating content and share it and thus achieve followers, then continue to work on optimizing your blog, for example, in web planning (planning of content in your blog according to the keywords that give you more positioning possibilities), content planning in social networks, strategies to achieve more exposure in your market, etc, etc.

I hope this information is useful to you, I can assure you that if you follow these steps you can start being part of online business; Whether you make a profit quickly depends on many factors, but what if you need will be perseverance and dedication, everything else will come in due course.

I invite you to leave your comments and share this post with other people who may find it useful to start their online business.

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