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The truth about success

How to be successful?

If we are guided by the last definition, the first thing we must do is ask ourselves: what do we really want? I think we will agree if I say that the answer to this question is not entirely simple, but that is the beauty of it. No matter how long it takes you to answer this, the day you know what you really want, your path to success will begin.

Knowing what is important to you is the key, recognizing your achievements will make the journey more enjoyable and trust me what So everything will be easier and you will always be happy.

The truth about success

5 Habits of Successful People

As the days go by I keep looking for new topics that I can address in this space. Today I may have played one very “Trite”. But I have realized that no matter how much they are repeated and seen on the Internet, we do not finish learning to see them from different perspectives.

Speaking on the subject, let’s start by understanding what a habit is. According to Wikipedia, the habit It is any behavior repeated regularly, that requires little or no reasoning and is learned, rather than innate. Osease, it is everything you do over and over again until it becomes part of your actions day after day.

Said that, Let’s move on to the carnita, or the lettuce (in the case that they are vegetarians).

1.- Make a short, medium and long term plan

We have all received this advice at some time, and it has a reason to be. We always want to control where we are going and how long it will take. It is always good to be able to create goals and achieve them (why does it feel good right?), In life as in business, having vision in the form of plans not only encourages growth but also gives peace of mind and motivates.

Take your time if you are not clear about your path to 1, 3 or 5 years, start with the short ones, For example, I want to save X amount of time in all of 2015 or I have to write an article of interest for my blog every day. Simple but effective.

2. Learn to make yourself understood.

On more than one occasion we find ourselves under the spotlight (or behind a screen looking for words to continue your article), trying to communicate, sell, convince, attract with our ideas, however this does not happen, and there is a reason.

In school they generally don’t promote the effectiveness of sorting your ideas so that the recipient of your message understands exactly what you mean. In other words, they are interested in learning things from you and often do not promote the ability to expose everything learned.

Let’s start reading and read a lot. If you don’t like books, you can start with the articles in this or another blog, magazines and of course books. When you finish reading, try to summarize it in three or four sentences. This will help you build the habit of brainstorming.

3. Learn to spend (Being smart)

I recently heard about profits in the company where I work, it is not strange that we are all interested in profits, it is what we eat. But the very personal focus of this phrase got me thinking about my own personal Profits (and Expenses).

If your profits are greater than your expenses, you will never be poor.

In fact, following this small philosophy of spending applied to our business and personal life, there is no way to fail it, since if we spend less than we earn, the surplus will go to a savings or investment fund in the future (you remember the plan that We touched on point one, well here it applies again).

4. Plan your day, establish a routine.

Something as simple as having your own routine (because we all have one), can change our lives. Let’s take the example of health, plan your day with a balanced breakfast, some exercise before going to work, making that little effort your routine.

We do not necessarily have to plan every minute of our life but you can have the personal and work basis for example setting a routine before arriving at work (as mentioned above), and a later one. On the other hand, within work create a routine of work order, what should you do? At what time of day should you do it?

5. Do what you are passionate about

Nothing is more suffocating to be in an office or in a place where we do not want to be, doing things we do not want to do, to achieve dreams of others and not our own. If you want a change YOU must be the change.Nor am I saying throw everything overboard and go on tour with your favorite rock band. Remember:

Every great journey begins with the first step.

Your first step must be fundamental, (we re-apply point one Plan) we must know where we want to go, what we want to be doing in one or two years, to focus our actions that will achieve what we love to do.

I invite you to follow at least 3 of these 5 brief habits of successful people, and make these values ​​our own, we are all successful depending on what we are looking for in life.