The Social Media Marketing Industry

social media marketing industryThe subject of Social Media and Internet Marketing strategies go hand in hand today, now the rise of social networks, the growth of users with Internet access, the increase in devices that can be connected to social networks, are factors that have pushed marketers to create all an industry with regard to Social Media Marketing, any network that can significantly attract potential customers or that manages to create an image of our company on the Internet is well received by any Marketing professional and even make a complex object However, Marketing in Social Networks continues to be a new topic that few master perfectly and also that few have the necessary experience to be able to apply it as it should, they lack clear strategies and they fall into thinking that having a presence in Social Networks is the final step and they do not track or control the activities in these networks, following and following the trend of writing. Go to articles supported by Infographics, a study about the behavior of the Social Media Industry.

Top 10 Challenges in Social Networks

10 main challenges in social media
Among the main challenges that industries face when entering social networks, some very clear ones can be highlighted, such as creating an effect or impact on these networks, what we know as viral, searching or locating a target market that is really interested in what What we offer, creating a bond with that audience and making it a loyal follower of our brand or company, others more difficult to achieve such as selling products through social media and promoting them is one thing but selling them on social media seems to be difficult for you. quite a lot to the industries and The entrepreneurs They have quite an advantage in that field, main errors such as creating a true strategy in social networks are the most common and it is not only about publishing and publishing content, you always have to have a strategy if we are not adrift waiting for results for means of luck. Something that caught my attention is identifying the most effective techniques in social media and there are many techniques, who talk about Social Media more but who actually give true strategies or techniques that can be followed by companies is something that leaves a lot What to think about and finally another of the things that attract the most attention is trying to locate which is the social network after having tried some that gives us better results, I recently gave my point of view in the following article: ‘read Article’.

Because those who do Internet Marketing prefer Social Networks

social media

Increasing the exposure of our brand or company seems to be the main reason since although one can sometimes not create correct strategies that guarantee sales or greater customers, if one can create greater exposure to the brand and get noticed on the Internet, increase traffic to our company websites or internet business , having a greater impression on the market or creating a loyal community of followers of the company seem to be far from the main objectives of those who practice social media marketing, and leave a bit to think about since what those who use networks seek the least Social is to increase sales, but to create a presence only, although personally I think that both things should go very hand in hand.

The most used Social Media Tools

most common social networks

Some of the most common social tools are social networks such as Facebook or Twitter that are preferred by those in charge of Marketing, others such as LinkedIn, Blogger and WordPress or YouTube video channels still do not reach such good preferences, and the rest are very Far from its main competitors, curiously Facebook has not yielded good results for me, this may be due to my strategies, or lack of consistency in this Social network, Twitter has given me better results as well as Google+ not to mention Blogger, however my case did not it is from a company but a site not a brand and this study is focused precisely on this market.

How experienced and how much time do Marketers spend on Social Media

experience in social media

As can be seen in the study, most of those who are dedicated to Marketing in social networks do not have great experience, only 16% have experience of more than 3 years and this trend is still new, the majority is in the level of experience of 1 to 3 years and the rest have minimal experience or no experience at all, this trend tells us that many still do not have the bases or sufficient experience to work with Social Media, and if we are going to Most of the time dedicates 1 to 10 hours to Marketing in social networks a week, this trend tells us that it is a task that must be practiced daily and it is useless to have a site in social networks that is not updated and does not be attractive to visitors, something that must be taken into account, social networks need activity if you are not willing to invest time or make an effort to want to be in them.

What plans do the Marketers have for the future for Social Networks?social media plans

This part of the study is very interesting because it is observed that 76% responded that they plan to increase their strategies focused on multimedia content on YouTube, and it is that marketing on this Video site has become very popular, the possibility of having a space where we can upload videos or commercials at no cost, or be able to include commercials in popular videos on the network has become a trend and Google has worked hard to offer many plans for ads within this video network, the other efforts are They will focus on offering more participation in the main social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, in addition to working more with Google+ which in my point of view offers better functions for personalized company sites in social networks than the previous 2, however its number of active users is much less, we will have to see what surprises social media brings us in the coming years and see how trends change, greetings .

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