The most commonly used cleaning chemicals

The cleaning chemicals They are in common use and are often overused for the mere fact of thinking that by abusing them, a better cleaning is achieved in homes, offices, shopping centers, clinics and others, when in reality it is incorrect.

In fact when they are used in excess it leads to serious problems, not only because of their toxicity but also because they can damage the object being cleaned.

What are the cleaning chemicals

The cleaning chemicals there are many and all of them are of regular use without taking into account that many times they can be replaced by other less toxic ones, such as:

The glass cleaner:

Glass cleaner is a chemical product that is often used excessively and in the wrong way, since it is not necessary to spray abundantly and then finish the cleaning with a cloth or a paper towel to clean the surface. Excessive only pushes dirt and lint away leaving unsightly streaks.

It is best to spray the paper towel to clean the surface, and then finish the cleaning with a dry cloth.

Dishwasher detergent:

Using too much dishwasher detergent is also bad because it is not necessary to fill the dishwasher bowl with detergent, unless the load is very dirty or has very hard water.

If the load is not very dirty, it is only necessary to partially fill the dishwasher bowl and especially if the house has soft water.


Bleach should not be used in excess, it is best to use bleach in small doses to whiten clothes or sterilize dishes.

Also, bleach should not be mixed with ammonia products as toxic gases are released and these gases can cause respiratory problems and irritate the eyes.

Bleach must be used safely or use natural products that do not harm health.

Wash detergent:

Its excessive use is bad when an excess amount is poured into the wash, since it can create a film that does not allow the clothes to be cleaned, so it is best to use a spoon to measure that the product is poured only enough.

Carpet cleaner:

Excessive use of carpet cleaner is bad, because many times a stain is saturated with a cleaner, believing that it will remove the stain much faster, but nevertheless that saturation will only end up damaging the carpet and will even be much more difficult to rinse and remove the cleaner completely, as soap residue will remain, which turns into dirt.

In this sense, instead of using a chemical product, it is better to try with soap and water foam or white vinegar, after the foam has dried it is only necessary to brush the carpet to remove the remains of dust.

Furniture cleaner:

Overuse of furniture cleaner is a common mistake because it builds up on the surface, attracting more dirt and dust.

Instead it is better to use a light coat of the cleaner, only once a month and finish the cleaning with a microfiber cloth.

The air freshener: Excess air freshener is bad because although it does not clean, it only perfumes the environment and can contain formaldehyde, a chemical that could cause respiratory problems and allergies.

The use of chemicals:

Chemicals are used to clean by applying them to homes and gardens as pesticides. While many are safe, constant exposure to them makes them unsafe.

On the other hand, in the case of pesticides that are used by cleaning services in gardens, they can cause respiratory and even neurological symptoms.

Even children are most at risk from being exposed to pesticides.

The EPA (United States Environmental Protection Agency) indicated that every year about 500 thousand metric tons of pesticides are used in the country, which end up in rivers and streams, for which they are water pollutants and even many insects generate immunity after prolonged exposure to pesticides and therefore a larger amount of the chemical is required to eradicate them.

Phosphates: Phosphates are chemicals that are used in detergents and soaps and, as they are abundant in sewers, they lead to the proliferation of harmful algae in rivers.

Paradichlorobenzine– This chemical is common in toilet blocks used as a deodorizing agent. In addition to suspecting that it is carcinogenic, it only masks unpleasant odors from the toilet.

Perchlorethylene: Perchlorethylene is the chemical used in dry cleaning, used in small doses, it is a groundwater pollutant as well as carcinogenic.

The ammonia: Nitrogen source is an irritant to the eyes, skin and respiratory system and even exposure to high concentrations of ammonia can trigger blindness and respiratory failure.

Wholesale cleaning chemicals

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