The Internet really is the future for those who want to do business

Every day we can see how the Internet has invaded people’s lives, those of us who are parents can see our children with their cell phones connected to the Internet from the moment they get up until they go to bed, and we don’t know yet, but even when they sleep the The Internet is still in their heads.

What implication does this have for us who are business owners or entrepreneurs, artisans who do manual work, people who are beginning to dabble in what the web can offer them to make a change in their lives?

The way it is affecting our lives can no longer be stopped, we can see that at the time it was television, where everything that happened was on the square screen, we spent hours and hours looking at what was happening, the information that was passed to us, the entertainment programs that were created to have more hours still attached to it, was the time in which the only decision-making power we had was to change the channel if we did not like the programming.

Today, the Internet has made a change in people’s lives, from habits to their mentality have been touched by this wave that has just begun and that encompasses all people in the world.

Most of these people may still be using the web to watch movies, download music, read online newspapers or magazines, connect with their friends on social media, play video games, and not much more than this.

However, there are already thousands of entrepreneurs and businessmen who are millionaires thanks to the power of the Internet and we are not talking here only about the owners of Facebook, Amazon, Ebay or Alibaba; Here I am talking about ordinary people who had a vision, followed and fought for what they wanted and today we can live from what we love so much.Internet, -present-and-future, -business

Two realities for people who are entrepreneurs or business owners.

We will borrow the phrase from Bill Gates, we may or may not agree with him, but these words say it all: “In the future there will only be 2 types of companies. Those that are on the Internet and those that no longer exist “

Now, there are two realities for people who are looking for a way to earn a living, a way to be successful in a business that they have chosen, such as a carpenter, a blacksmith, a craftsman creating their products, small business owners in any city in the world; and these realities are that:

– We need to use the Internet for our business or service- Already the Internet is one of the best ways to reach thousands of people with our services or products, our potential clients are browsing or are part of social networks, they are consuming content and we as entrepreneurs or business owners have the option to be ahead of them so that when they need what we provide we are available in the first line of their choices.

– We need to use it to grow, because our competition is already online- If we do not create our online presence, we do not work our online platforms, we will be increasingly excluded from the business that is being carried out day after day, first for the simple reason that all the movement is and second because Our neighbor, the clothing store that we have next to ours is already on the Internet, its products or services are already available for people who want to make inquiries and even make purchases directly from the web.

I do not think there is a more powerful reason, of course I do not like the word “competition”, because I consider that in the physical field if we could use it, since a potential client did not have much chance of meeting us before going to buy a product or service.
However, on the web, each entrepreneur looks for his own identity, creates his own Brand if it is a product or Personal Brand if he is a person who is available with his services or wants to make himself known to other people.

Identity, language are terms that only began to be used on the web and they tell us that we are all different, we can have the same service, even a product with the same characteristics as another and yet our language, our treatment, our identity in what we do is unique and unrepeatable and that is why you can hear on the web that people do not buy products or services, people buy from other real people like us.

I hope this article has been useful to you, Do we need or do we have to be with our presence on the Internet? The answer is in two parts, first ask yourself if you want to be successful in what you want to do and second, imagine where you want to be in five years, this will point you in the right direction.

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