The Importance Of Writing Your Dreams

Most people believe that it is not important to write your dreams, if you are one of those who believe that this is a real waste of time, you are fooling yourself right now for the following reason:
If you do not have dreams, you do not have deep personal convictions, it is most likely that IT WILL ROTALLY FAIL.write-dreams

1. The most ardent dreams should not be about money. Money does not drive people to do things that people visualize and imagine.

2. Dreams must be in written and visual form with specific scheduled dates.

3. You must have a burning dream and you must focus on an achievable dream. Aim for one and you will realize them all. You Need To Set Your Short-, Medium-, And Long-Term Goals To Fulfill Your Dreams, Goals provide direction, as headlights along the road guide travelers to the correct route. Goals serve to mark the shortest distance between these two points where you are now and your dreams.

If you define your goals, you will avoid wasting time, energy and also protect you from dead ends that sometimes seem useful, but are actually unproductive and slow or delay your progress with your business, Do you think that people who do not achieve success in life really have plans to fail? Ask the people who are close to you if they have a plan to fail and surely they will tell you of course that they do not, ask them if they would like to succeed and be successful and surely everyone will say yes, but surely they do not have a plan to succeed either. They do not have a clear goal of what they want. The problem is that they do not have DREAMS, they do not have goals, much less an action plan to achieve success in their life.

Vague goals like, “I’m going to make whatever money I can this month don’t work because you have no way of measuring your progress and you will never know if you have achieved your goal. Really, those kinds of goals are just an excuse for not compromising! You need to define your goals TODAY and write them down in detail on paper and take action every day to achieve them, if you do this there is nothing that can prevent you from achieving your dreams.


1. Write it down, don’t think about it! Write your goals in your notebook, or in a place where you can REVIEW THEM often. The written word is very powerful!

2. Set measurable goals and be very specific so that you can know when you have reached your goal. Examples: I will sell 2 products this month, in the next month, I will earn US $ 1,000 etc.

3. You must be realistic, it is very important to challenge yourself to go beyond your comfort zone, but be realistic. If you have only 10 hours a week to work on your business, and you’ve set a goal of earning $ 20,000 a month within six months, that’s probably not very true. Don’t expose yourself to failure! On the other hand, the only way you fail is when you leave your business. You must constantly repeat yourself QUITTING IS NOT AN OPTION. If you set a goal and just missed it, you have NOT failed. You will be much further on the road to success than if you had never set a goal to begin with. Simply change the date, set the goal, learn from your mistakes, and keep moving toward your goal.

4. Set a period of time to meet your goals, you need to set two dates: One to Reach your goal and one to Start, Remember that you must plan short-term, medium-long term goals. The short-term goals would be the goals to be achieved in a week, in a month, in three months. The medium-term goals would be the goals to be achieved in 6 months, a year or two years. Your long-term goals are from 2 to 5 years or even longer.

When you achieve your short-term goals, you are moving toward achieving your medium and long-term goals. Break your goal into very small segments and it will be easier for you to reach them and do not stop moving on to the next step. For most people, achieving goals is not really the problem, learning to set them is the problem. Take all the time to do this and you will be light years ahead of your competition!

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