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The importance of tests in your online strategies to obtain the best results

Carrying out an online business is not something that we can carry out blindly, this is clear, we all notice its importance, however when we manage our business without taking measurements or testing the actions we take, what we are doing is precisely driving with our eyes serrated, and the result of this is sooner or later, online failure.

We have all been told from our beginnings about the value of measuring, however an entrepreneur is often focused on immediate action and neglects or is very slow when preparing a way to test what he does, without However the results between doing it and not doing it is a successful business or a business that is on the way to the cliff.

In this article I want to talk to you about some areas in which we should be testing without exception, since they are areas that if we are continuously improving or monitoring them, they will surely provide us with the best results.The-importance-of-tests-in-your-online-strategies

Test in your online strategies, we cannot improve what we do not measure.

Landing Pages- This section is where we fail the most, it is a fact that at the beginning we very possibly have a single landing page, which leaves us totally out of the game, but even more important is when we buy traffic, in this case if or if we need to be doing Behind test to see which one converts the most, until we find the one that gives us the best results.

In sending your emails to your list- The emails that we send to our lists must be monitored not only in each of the links that we are placing in them, but also be aware of data such as revote rate, unsubscribe, how many people click on the links, how many open your emails, etc, etc.

When you buy advertising- When we have ads that are running on traffic platforms such as Google Adwords, it is vital to be aware of what happens with our ads or links that lead to our promote your offers. In fact, the success of a campaign depends on 99% of you being attentive to all movement in them.

When you post on social media- In social networks it is full of links that direct to different parts, as marketers we cannot publish without knowing what happens to them, we need to know the impact they had on your audience, fortunately today there are many tools with which we can do this type of job.

Test on the behavior of your visitors when entering your blog- This is also important and many times we do not take it into account, I include myself, since knowing and knowing what is attracting more and less to our visits to our site can make us work to improve the deficiencies and take better advantage of the spaces that we know they use.

Tools that we can use to make measurements or splits testing in your online strategies.

There are a large number of tools on the market, I name you here some well-known ones, however there are also several WordPress plugins for example that may be useful to you, or generally a good tool to create capture pages already has the way to do splits testing included of pages A / B.

– Google Analytics We have all heard about it, the question is whether we use it or do we get the full potential it offers us. It is important to note that many times we have the tools at our fingertips and even in their free versions they already represent a great advance for our business.

Google Analytics will show us very good information about our visitors, the pages viewed, the time people spent in them, from which countries they are arriving, the schedules, the different sexes, if they are entries of people who already know our website or people who enter for the first time, etc.

This is really a very good tool to start with if you are starting, and if you have been in online business for a long time, find a way to use it to its full potential.

Searchmetrics– This is a tool with which you can track your content and keywords that you use for your website, it also shows you the details of your web positioning, so it is also an SEO tool. Initially it is a paid tool, but you can access very useful data from its free version.

Quantcast- With this tool you can analyze different websites and use their similarities to organize your way of working, for example it shows you rankig, visits to the pages, details of audiences such as nationality, sex, age, purchasing power, and studies, for example.

Edgerank CheckerThis tool is useful for you to be able to follow the publications you make on Facebook, you can observe the ones that have the most interaction and in this way give it a greater reach, there are others such as Quintly, which shows you the movements of the different audiences of any fanpage, whether you are the administrator or not.

Luchy Orange– Excellent tool to track the movements of people on your site, it shows you the route by which they access, the links that they press or follow within your pages, measurements of the time they stay, etc.

Clicktale – This tool is widely used by marketers to measure the behavior of visitors to landing pages, it has multiple characteristics to improve our results in our marketing actions.

Improvely – One of the best tools to track your clicks, for example when you make paid traffic on Google Adwords, on Facebook, in banner campaigns, or even email marketing, it shows you each of the conversions, ads, keywords that more convert, etc. There is a free version, but its paid version is really accessible by all the functionalities that we can access.

Well, these are just some of the tools that we can use to know where we are treading, how our business is progressing, if it is advanced or stagnant and more importantly, in which aspects or places we can make changes to advance more quickly; We can only do this thanks to the tests we carry out, we have no other option.

I hope you can use this information, I invite you to leave your comments on this topic, or even share this article with other people who may find it helpful.