The importance of registering your name and personal brand

You already know that the internet is the prodigy of our era, information available to everyone, and that is beneficial, but it can also be harmful, because today your name is diluted among the hundreds or thousands that may appear next to you in searches from Internet. And if you want them to look for you and find you, you have to do something, like register your name.

I don’t know if you know anything about personal branding, or personal branding. From a few years to the present, and increasingly, since more and more people go from employee to self-employed, this concept is on the rise, which is neither more nor less than what most freelancers or liberal professionals have always done for their reputation but amplified to the digital world.

We will talk a lot about personal branding in this blog, since just like you can do product marketing, you can do personal marketing, And this has incredible potential that will allow us to stand out by creating our own digital reputation. Most entrepreneurs and bloggers know a lot about this and are thoroughly employed in boost your own brand to position yourself and gain more visibility. The prosperity of your business directly depends on it.

But today I will focus on something as specific as your name, what identifies you. For me, it is essential to take your place in the digital world and that no one replace you, even more so if you have a common name, but even if it is not the case. Years ago I registered the domain with my name, a name that is not common or stops being so, but there are other people who are called like me in the world, and I don’t want the actions of others to dictate my online reputation. And believe me there have been cases where really serious things have happened because of it.

The importance of registering your name

What is the first thing you should do? Register the domain with your name (preferably with dot com) and if you have the possibility of doing it also with the ending of your country better, thus you will better preserve your identity. In other posts we will continue talking about what else we can do to work on our personal brand, have a good online reputation and give ourselves visibility on the net and search engines.

By the way, do you already have your name reserved on the internet or has someone already occupied your domain?… Shall we talk about it?

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