The importance of planning when starting an online business

When we decide to take the leap and start a business there are many factors that we must take into account, but one of the main ones without any doubt is to plan our actions; And what is even more important is that it has been shown that it is very important to do it from the beginning and not after six months of having started.

The reasons are clear, if we want to leave the planning of our business for later, it is most likely that we will never create such an action plan, since there are high probabilities that we will abandon before because we are not very clear about what we have to do. .

What does planning actions in our new online business provide us at first glance?

The main thing is that planning gives us a North, we will all have heard the phrases of experienced entrepreneurs who tell us about the need to work in an orderly and focused way so as not to lose our way; But to do this we first need to create an action plan for our business; Therefore, the PLANNING of the actions of our business comes first, at least if what we want is to go far.

Many people think that working according to a plan is precisely what they want the least, since if they decide on online businesses it is precisely for the freedom to work from where they want and it is one of the things they most want to achieve; However, everything that has been built requires planning, including a lifestyle based on the freedom to work from where we want and for as long as we want to.

Another reason that many times we find why not to plan is that things, resources, means or skills are constantly changing; But this is because a type of rigid planning is being considered, which does not offer room to adapt and take the necessary turns to always continue to be in force.

When I talk to you about working with an action plan from the beginning of an online business, I am talking about creating the guidelines that will define mainly a starting point and an endOf course, other challenges will come later, other greater goals, but we must be clear what is the first stage, in order to start with our actions and thus reach it; Of course, if you do not plan, it is very likely that you will not be able to identify the end of that first stage. Another reason more than enough to work with a planning and goals.

What are the main advantages of working with an action plan for your online business?

An action plan defines a beginning and an end,

It is giving you a direction, but more importantly, it shows you that if you achieve certain objectives you are already at the end of the first stage; after this you can start with other later stages.

This step seems simple, however, have you ever wondered why entrepreneurs fail or do not achieve the results they seek; Yes, the lack of focus is one of them, but you recognize them because they buy courses on how to be successful in social networks when they do not have a blog first or do not have knowledge to create content, all courses are valuable, but not all courses They are for the entrepreneurs themselves, this depends largely on the stage in which they are working, for example, why do I want to learn about Personal Branding if I have not yet taken a single step on the web. Of course it will be useful later, however step one is to create and define a model dand business I’m going to focus on.

– An action or business plan for our entrepreneurship allows us to know two key factors in any business, the resources or tools that I will need to advance and the necessary knowledge in each stage to develop it.

Hasn’t it happened to you that you have bought software online that promise us the best SEO techniques, or bring the best traffic in the world and then they are left on the desk of our laptop, or books that we never finish reading because after reading the first pages we realized that they were not for the stage in which we were going? It has happened to me and more than once.

Every company, online or offline, needs to get up with certain tools and with the knowledge for it, a plan allows us to define in advance what these are.

A plan sets your priorities

Doing the first thing first and the secondary thing later, this seems logical, however many times we find ourselves performing isolated actions that do not lead to anything. A plan allows us to take care of the necessary actions at each stage, without hesitation, which is why it is the safest way to achieve the objectives and then continue moving forward with new ones.

A plan allows you to know when you arrive at the finish line

Otherwise, how can you know? A plan allows us to define stages, and thus advance from stage to stage until we reach a greater goal.

Think about it, many entrepreneurs launch into online businesses with the idea of ​​wanting to make money, but this is just an idea, it has no basis, it is different to plan to achieve in the first month x objectives, in the second month, other objectives and a year such results.

This does not mean that we work in a rigid way, an intelligent business plan is 100% adaptable to what is happening in the course of each of the actions that are carried out, so that at the moment we can make corrections, improvements or eliminate actions that are not necessary or would complicate us later.

Now, many are afraid of preparing a business plan, an action plan or a marketing plan when in reality it is very simple, precisely what is sought is that it be simple, you can do it on a simple paper napkin, it must be so clear that you can follow it; Later you can delve into it as much as you want but basically it is to be simple.

CONCLUSION: An action plan allows you to see results in a short time and this keeps you on your way, excited, wanting to continue, if we do not do so, we soon get tired of taking actions that apparently do not offer any benefit for our business or our lives.

If we want to go far and more importantly, know how far we have come, planning is one of the main actions that every entrepreneur must do when starting their online journey.

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