The importance of human resources in a company

Without the S people or collaborators, all companies could not develop or evolve over time, that is why we speak of active and proactive agents, endowed with intelligence and creativity when referring to these people and not as an object to be exploited, recognizing that they are human beings who could make mistakes and who are also trained to make any type of innovation that contributes to the progress of the organization.

This is how it is clear that human Resources They are the most important thing in a business, but for entrepreneurs to be able to achieve success, they must align these people towards the main objective of the company, this is where another concept known as management or administration of human talent comes in, which consists in training workers to commit to the vision of the company in a way that they all do from a joint and collaborative perspective.

It must be remembered that for a company to be properly organized, it must focus on the management of human resources and this can be achieved by executing various policies or strategies that each business will choose according to its needs, but within these, it will always be necessary to take into account it has concepts such as communication and organizational culture, leadership, teamwork, negotiation, etc.

Human resources management in a company
The field of human resources is a subject of great interest for companies and even more so for entrepreneurs who are just setting up their own, since it will be necessary to have knowledge about basic points that range from recruitment or selection, establishment of salary policy, training, coaching, administration, etc., so as not to regret later.

However, if you would like to delve more into this topic, here we will share with you a very interesting publication, it is a free book on human resources management presented by Jaime Maristany which has the name “Human Resources Treaty”. This creation allows us to expand our knowledge on topics such as organization, organizational behavior and individual behavior, management, leadership and motivation, personnel administration, human resource development, labor relations, among others of great interest.

If you are really interested in this material, you can download it for free and claim the remaining part of each chapter from the PDF file itself, since there is only a summary of each one.

Download the book for free: Human Resources Treaty

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