The importance of creating assets in Internet businesses

One of the things that the Internet allows us is to work in such a way that our actions become levers that drive better results in the future; Today it is more feasible than ever to work so that what we do today continues to bear fruit in the times ahead.

This way of working is what we consider or call work smart, or work in such a way that we constantly create assets, assets to generate in our lives the wealth that we deserve and for which we work.

I’m not going to talk to you here about Robert Kiyosaki or Donald Trump, known for taking the word active to a new level, I think we all hear a lot about them, whether or not we agree with what they say, the important thing here is to put this into practice and achieve results, not today, but results that allow us to live the way we want and within a fewfew years, not 20 years from now.

I named you Robert Kiyosaki because here I am referring to your definition of assets, not to the definition of assets or liabilities from accounting. For Kiyosaki, an asset is what he feeds him, what makes him profit, not loss; and passive is everything that produces losses, simple, right?

Creating assets is working for your futureThis applies both online and offline, this applies for example in the physical world in that person who builds apartments to later obtain income from their rent, online today there are many ways to create assets.

In this article I want to talk to you about the importance of creating assets for an online entrepreneur, what this means and how we can start today, in another way, If we are not determined to work to create assets, then we are wasting time and it is better to dedicate ourselves to something else now..


Assets, the benefits of working smart.

Creating assets is what allows you to live even if you are doing other things, for example here we refer to the actions that we carry out only once to create certain elements of value, which have the particularity of generating income without the need for you to be there to produce it; This does not mean that you created something and left it or did not give it the maintenance it should have, but the “heavy work you have done only once” and the rest is maintenance and care.

Here I will talk about some of the ways in which an online entrepreneur can create assets, as I mentioned at the beginning there can be thousands of ways, but they all depend on the person, skills and abilities to adapt to new challenges and circumstances.

The Internet has the ideal qualities to create assetsFor the simple reason that it gives us the possibility of being online 24 hours, without having to be physically in front of your screen, you only need to work with what we call systems, but hey that is another matter.

Create books and sell them on Amazon or other online platforms, They are currently an excellent option, you only need to put your knowledge in, put it on paper or in the “computer” and publish it, this action will bring income to your accounts after you only did the work once, the rest are earnings.

Sales or creation of memberships, This option is one of the most widely used online today. Well, in the physical world, this type of action has already existed for years, for example, those who do not pay for video cable, telephony, Internet, electricity, etc; They are also membership models since we have to pay month after month to access it.

Online memberships have also been created and have proven to be one of the most profitable businesses, since you also need to prepare the “past” material only once and then they are presentations or webinars with the members of your memberships.

– Creation of digital products, once again this is to pack your knowledge once and post your product on platforms such as ClickBank, Click2Sell, PayDotCom, AffiliateFuture, etc.

There are many entrepreneurs who only make a living by creating products that are then offered by thousands of affiliates, both in the Anglo and Latin markets.

– Multilevel, direct sales, Yes, I know, for many this is not a possibility, but I can assure you that there are millions of people in this business model, in different market niches, famous companies such as Amway, Avon, Herbalife, Mary Kay, Tupperware, NU Skin, Oriflame, Organo Gold, etc, etc. These people are generating very good income, of course after doing their job as an entrepreneur should do. I particularly think that if you have a good product, a product that offers real benefits to people, they are welcome.

Promote affiliate products based on memberships, Another very good option, promoting a product that can offer you recurring income, every month and you only made the sale once, this is undoubtedly very tempting. Something important to keep in mind is that the effort to sell any product for which you only receive a commission once, is the same effort as for a product that offers you recurring income, such as memberships.

Online advertising- Currently it is one more way to generate income online passively, which at the same time, active waxes that once you have achieved you can maintain and continue working, for example, advertising on blogs with Google Adsense is a good option, but before generating respectable income You must have many visits, the number varies according to the market niche, but once you achieve that level of visits, it is easy to maintain it.


These are just some of the ways to create assets that you own online, you may have to inform yourself well before but it is something that you only do once, particularly my way of creating

assets is working with content in blogs, keep in mind that today you create content and that content can be valid for years online, people continue to find it in search engines which implies more visits to your business.

Each entrepreneur has several ways of creating assets, in fact he always has to try to do it, a day cannot go by without you having a link pointing to your business, my recommendation is that you inform yourself, invest in how to create this type of assets;

I hope this information is useful to you, I invite you to leave your comments or share this article with those who may find it helpful.

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