The importance of being creative and innovating- reflections not to abandon

All of us who started in internet businesses have often found ourselves at a crossroads where we didn’t see where to go, we had started with all the enthusiasm in the world but after doing a thousand and a few things we did not get the results we were looking for …

What to do then? Albert Einstein, I think we all hear about him at least once in our lives has the answer for us:

“The definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing and expect different results.“, Albert Einstein.

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Take new paths, go in search of new answers, try new strategies, I am convinced that this is the answer, the most famous marketers such as Frank Kern or Gus Sevilla in the Latin market, are incredibly innovative and ingenious people who are always trying new strategies, resources, new markets, etc.

From experience I know that it is not easy to stay and continue even when we see that the results we are looking for do not appear or only a few signs appear that we exist, it is then at that moment when we need to take new paths and from all the above we are left with only what It gives us results, everything else we try to put aside and start with new strategies.

Be careful, here I do not mean that we leave aside strategies or resources that we hear everywhere that work to grow our business but it has not worked for us yet, for example we always hear about the importance of creating content on a blog since it is the door of our business, the way and the way in which our clients will find us online, or the need to be on social networks to create our social presence, or finally we always hear about the advantages of uploading videos to the YouTube platform , But we already tried all this and it does not give us results…. !!!!


For example, we have a blog and we publish posts, we need to see if we are constant, if we really create content that helps people, see how often we publish articles, if we do not do it every day or at most every other day is unlikely That our blog becomes one that more than a hundred people visit per day, when we publish we do it thinking about people, but we need to write articles also thinking about the keywords that people will use and that Google will use to position us and if we use keywords that can position us on the first pages much better.

We create our social profiles and start sharing content in our niche, but not everything ends there, we need to follow profiles or people who are in our niche as well, share content with them, interact, participate, so that after a time we can have thousands of followers on our pages, as always, constancy is the most precious currency of the online marketer.

YouTube, we all hear from the thousands of videos that are uploaded daily or from the millions of people who visit its platform per day, therefore we need to be present as well, our clients are looking for information related to our business there, so We have to upload videos, but here we are not talking about uploading videos one every month, I am talking about uploading videos daily, on various topics and in various formats, for example tutorials, video articles, presentations or videos that show our opinions on this or that topic of interest to our public, again, without having patience and perseverance, nothing can be done and more on the internet where what you need first is to be known and then if they will begin to follow you and share what you do.

If you tell me that you have done all this for six months, a year, every holy day and have not had any results, then if it is time to dedicate yourself to something else and leave other people for whom everything related to online business is their true passion, because until now I have not talked about PASSION, but it is also a key factor, if we do it out of obligation, because we hear that you can earn good money or because they told us that it is easy and you can earn money quickly, my friend , then you are not in the right place or you need to review what you think about it.

Mainly PASSION will sustain you when you don’t have results and it will take you to levels that you didn’t even imagine at the beginning, in short I believe that passion is everything in life.

My apologies, the article has already got out of hand, to finish, if we still do not have results or what we are really looking for, we need to keep trying but on new paths, perseverance and effort will always have to be your guide, but keep trying. always on new paths, surely we are not far from the goal.

I hope this article is useful for you, I invite you to leave us your comments and share it with other people.

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