The Ideas Notebook

We never know when an idea may arise, or the beginning of an idea, but what we do know is that the same thing that comes, they leave. Therefore, we must have the healthy habit of keeping a small notebook where we write down everything that comes to mind, from small ideas that at first seem to make no sense, to those phrases that suddenly, by inspiration, we come up with at the time.

You have to write everything down, little visions, intuitions, curious images, dreams, abstract thoughts … everything, absolutely everything. Although it may seem meaningless, insignificant, absurd, or irrational, don’t worry about it right now.

This initiative will allow us to have excellent work material when we get down to the task of looking for our business idea, or finding a slogan for a promotional campaign, the solution to a specific problem … We can also simply review our notes on when from time to time, surely we will come up with new ideas, new proposals and we will continue to enrich our ideabook.

Leonardo da Vinci, from the age of thirteen, wrote down his intuitions, his ideas, his visions in a notebook, he made quick sketches of everything that went through his head. Today, many of his drawings seem like premonitions of great inventions of our more recent history.

It will be fun when, after a few years, you go back to review your notes, surely some will have become a reality thanks to the ingenuity or inventiveness of another person, who, being in a better technological, economic or other reason, could carry it out. At first you will say “I should have done it” but in the end it will be gratifying because you will think “the ideas I have are not so bad”.

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