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The ideal mentor

THE IDEAL MENTOR: I honestly do not believe that there is an ideal mentor, I mean, what some likes others will dislike, and as we well know it never rains to everyone’s liking, I will try to reveal how it should be the ideal mentor, but always from my point of view and it may not coincide with yours :). But really what is a mentor? Mentor is an educator, a counselor or guide who teaches, but above all he is a counselor, and in the business world it is spreading a lot.

When selecting your guide, you must be very clear about a series of points, the figure of a mentor has spread a lot on the internet and many people take advantage of the pull without having any qualms about running over everything that is put in front of them.ideal-mentor

People with very little experience happen overnight to be called mentor and so they offer their services, and are only worth their short-term results. From here I want to help you distinguish from whom you can and should let you advise, in my particular case I have always said and will say that I am not a guru, that I am a normal person with a series of experiences in the business world, all of them demonstrable in the good and the bad, and I am very clear about my limitations, so if you are reading this article do not interpret me as someone who knows everything, because I guarantee you will be disappointed. But what I know if I speak. Let’s go to trouble, if I have to choose a mentor I will be guided by the following, but above all that it is my Director.

  • First , work experience, whether we like it or not that is part of our history, and that people who yesterday did not know anything about “advising” do not come to me to tell me movies.
  • Second, find out their results, it is useless to sell motorcycles if they do not have an engine, nowadays if you look and go around the internet and try to enter a business for example of “distribution networks or network marketing” it turns out that until the prompter is a counselor, the truth is that I am laughing, but hey, that’s your problem if you choose badly.
  • Third, closeness, yes, when I say closeness I do not mean physical distance, I mean knowing that you are there, that there is someone who is aware of you, not everything is an impersonal e-mail marketing, that is very easy to set up and put on automatic, what it is about is to create that intimate space between two people who are supposed to collaborate.
  • Bedroom, humility, a person who is supposed to be my mentor or guide cannot be someone who is not able to see below his navel, someone who considers himself with the absolute truth cannot be a trustworthy person, he will always think about his pocket before the general good.
  • Fifth, a mentor must create inspiration for you, must be someone capable of transmitting and generating that kind of tickling that makes you happy to know that they are there, there is no use for someone unable to transmit that inspiration that we all need.
  • Sixth, I personally have plenty of titles and titulitis, so I think we should not only choose those with title.
  • SeventhLook for someone capable of empathizing with you, and there the experience of each one reappears. How is someone incapable of empathizing going to advise you? Let’s not even be crazy.
  • EighthYour mentor without realizing it will become your confidant, so you must choose someone who inspires confidence and knows how to keep your privacy, and unfortunately this world is full of loudmouths.
  • Nineth, look for someone energetic, someone who does not live tomorrow we look at him, someone who solves your problems in real time, someone who leaves you in the queue waiting for my turn to come, I always look for someone who takes care of me with absolute priority, regardless of whether I deserve it or not.
  • Tenth, your ideal mentor, my ideal mentor, must be someone who really feels passion for me, someone who values ​​my effort to have selected him, many of the mentors who are out there believe they are gods of Olympus and that the rest of us are second-rate , just run away just feel that there is no passion.

I do not know, I could put many more qualities of my ideal mentor, surely you have other ideas, the important thing is that each of us are able to choose the ideal, and if we are wrong that we realize it in time. But don’t forget that each of us always needs someone to guide us, all of us without exception :).

A mentor is not a coach