The cup of Life

Life is a full cup of happiness, but you never get full.

They give you a sip from time to time, a sip that you have to fill, drop by drop, every day, to survive.

Don’t spend your time moaning your misfortunes, predicting imaginary tragedies, or being scared by ills that will probably never come to you.

We are born to fight for happiness … to create it, to
build it despite sadness, disappointment, mistakes, bad
unforeseen moves and irremediable events.

Happiness is not found in goods and pleasures.

She acts well and she introduces herself.

Happiness is not longing for everything we lack, but
couple ourselves to everything: what we have and what we don’t have.

Don’t sell your happiness. Give it away!

Do not look for simple or cheap formulas to have it.

The ingredients of happiness:
Share what you have.
Love without demands.
Forgive without scars.
Accept without perfection.
Be grateful for what they give you.
And never give up!

Everything has to harmonize:
From the honeycomb, a little honey.
From the sea, a little bit of salt.
From life, a touch of optimism.
From the imagination, dreams.
From pain, strong roots.
And of faith, solidity of rock!

We are not happy because we do not know how to fill our cup,
because we do not give to life all that we can give and
we hope, sometimes naively, that life will give us … but
without paying the price.

Let’s not forget that the best way to be happy is to take care of
that others are, to serve.
Let’s give a lot of ourselves and happiness will come by itself.
Let’s fill our cup! and let’s enjoy beingHappy!

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