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The Basics Of Attraction Marketing

What is Attraction Marketing?

Attraction Marketing … What is it and how can it help you in Network Marketing?

In the Hispanic market it is a term that is just beginning to arrive, but the truth is that Attraction Marketing has been in the Anglo market for quite some time, and its main exponent is Mike dillard.

Terms like “Old School”, “new school”, “Add value to your prospects”, “Attract prospects”, “Give before receiving” they begin to influence the way some Networkers work.attraction-marketing

Maybe not as many as you’d like, but it’s a breakthrough.

And I can attest that Attraction Marketing really works if you apply it as a work methodology, as a marketing strategy, to the point of taking it, we could say “In your blood”.

If you want to know what Attraction Marketing is, watch the video you have below so you can know how, applying it daily, your business and your income can change dramatically.

Are you promoting your business as the best business opportunity in the world?

If that’s your focus on Attraction Marketing … you have to stop right now!

Think about it, what is the common response from your friends, family, even in the internet world when you said that your business was going to solve all their problems?

Without fear of being wrong they were “Nothing” … “No, thank you”

Use Attraction Marketing To Attract Your Market To You

However, if you create content around your story, as your problem was solved by product “X”, you will be able to attract readers.

You always have to keep in mind to create content that addresses the problem of your ideal customer.

Provide solutions to your problems, which may include product “X”. And don’t forget to write as if you were speaking directly to him, your ideal client.

Always provide a large amount of free content to your list without waiting for them to buy something from you. It gives information about solutions to their problems without having any expectation of receiving anything in return.

How Attraction Marketing Becomes True Marketing

If you make a commitment to yourself to create high-quality content on your blog, you will have visitors coming to it again and again.

In Attraction Marketing, it is your job to know what your ideal customer is looking for. When you have that information, you just have to provide the answers for their searches in your articles, in your videos, in your lectures, etc.

As you develop a relationship with your prospects through your follow-up emails and on social media without blatantly selling on every piece of content you create, I assure you that you will be gaining the trust of your ideal customer who will eventually buy from you.

Remember, relax, let your ideal client know you beyond your presence in the market.

You may have the best business opportunity in the world, but let your audience discover that for themselves, by getting to know you first.

Once you realize that your work to achieve success with the Attraction Marketing It will turn you into a person that others will like, feel comfortable.

And then start delivering your best knowledge.

I can assure you that you got off to a good start in building your business.


In Attraction Marketing it’s all about being a “Information distributor”.

The basic formula to apply? Teaches to sell

Think of it this way.

A member of your network does a great job when it comes to prospecting offline. Knows perfectly how to reach people and do marketing “face to face”.



After investing a great deal of time and perhaps money to paint a perfect picture of how your company or product can change people’s lives, the prospect flatly rejects the call to action made to join the business.

Perhaps it could be worse, the prospect is highly interested but determined not to do business with that member of your network.

The prospect goes home and after thinking a bit about everything he heard in the presentation he decides to go to Google and do some internet searches.

Content Marketing does work.

Can you imagine what is going to happen?

Yes, all the Content Marketing that you have done on your blog and all the marketing effort through social media that you have done, satisfies what the visitor was looking for. People will find you online and decide to buy from you instead of the member of your network who gave them the business presentation. Isn’t it cool?

Thank you very much for that leaflet.

Your information has validated what they have already heard. Your presence is credible. Trust is built through an online exchange.

And now you also taught your new member that your business can be built online.

You must be consistent in the creation of content.

And every time you do it, every time you do content marketing you must always keep your ideal customer in mind. Write directly to that person.

Keep your content interesting and above all educational, providing value to your ideal client.

You can be sure that they will find you.

Leave me your comment below if what you have read has meaning to you. I want to know more about what you think and how you develop Attraction Marketing in your business.