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The Bases for Teamwork

Work in a group or work in a team

First we must compare what it means to work as a group or teamwork.

The members of a group work independently and are often not even focused on the same goal.

Team members work interdependently towards personal and team goals, and they understand that these goals are best achieved through mutual support.Bases of Teamwork

What are the 5 Cs to achieve teamwork

The bases of teamwork are defined in what has been called 5 o’clock Cs: Commitment, Complementarity, Ccoordination, Ccommunication and Ctrust.

The Commitment (teamwork commitment):

  • Is Teamwork Basis It means that each member is committed to contributing the best of himself, to put all his effort to carry the project forward. When the I work in team It is effective, people do not need someone to do the activities that correspond to them, but are self-disciplined and responsible for complying with the agreements established of their own free will, although there is always someone who stands out and stands as a team leader.

The Complementarity:

  • A teamwork Harmonic occurs when it is recognized and accepted that each person is unique and unrepeatable, with their own talents that they put at the service of the team. Each member contributes the specialty they master. The difference in work styles, personalities and characters should give balance to the team, in addition to allowing them to have different points of view that enrich the final result.


  • The teamwork It is not a sum of individuals that are made in company, but a group of people coordinated to achieve a specific common goal. The team, with its leader at the helm, must act in an organized manner and following a plan of daily activities that allows them to keep the route and goal or objectives to be achieved clear.

Communication (Communication teamwork):

  • This foundation is vital to any interpersonal relationship. In the teamwork this must be open among all its members, following the principles of respect and integrity, and being essential to be able to coordinate the different individual actions. It is important that communication is clear between all members. Learning to listen and do it effectively will help avoid confusion, misunderstandings, or an unpleasant work environment. If the communication is carried out honestly and completely, it is guaranteed that the teamwork it will develop much better.

The trust:

  • Is basis for teamwork It means that each person trusts in the good work of the rest of their colleagues. The teamwork It allows you to develop not only your self-confidence but also that each member has acquired the skills and responsibility to fulfill their task. This leads to putting the success of the team before personal brilliance, developing in you the ability to delegate, learning not to want to take on all the work. If you teamwork focuses on building a pool of partners who take these five bases As personal pillars and as a whole, you will have a harmonious environment in which to develop and also allow yourself to experience one of the greatest joys in life, which is a healthy interpersonal relationship with those who make up your successful work team.

The teamwork It is an opportunity for personal learning, in addition to facilitating the tasks of an organization, since the team works like a machinery with different gears, where everything must work perfectly, because if one fails the team fails.

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