The analysis and description of jobs in a company

The Analisis and descripcion of impuests It is essential for any company, despite the fact that many do not accept it, thinking that flexibility is necessary in the face of changes that occur in organizations.

Well, the structures cannot be rigid but flexible with the possibility of adaptation. For this reason, the role of the human resources department is essential with its projected strategy for success as the main key.

Usefulness of the analysis and job description

Definitely the Analisis and descripcion of impuests, it ends up being accepted by companies, because it is useful as long as it is possible to adapt it and that it is versatile by virtue of the fact that human resources can count on this tool that is useful for them to have information on which they can be based.

What is job analysis and description

It is to identify, investigate and study everything that concerns a position with its responsibilities, the tasks to be carried out, the necessary capacity to cover it and the functions to be developed, therefore it is the process that allows to have all the information related to a job determined.

A job is made up of tasks and the performance of tasks requires skills, responsibilities and abilities so that it can be carried out correctly. All of this differentiates one job position from another.

Aspects of the analysis and job description

  1. The position and its nature are identified. The person in charge of the analysis must be in charge of identifying the position, the geographical location within the company, that is, the location in the corresponding department, must establish what the type of work is, what is the qualification that this position needs to occupy, for example if it is necessary to be occupied by a technician, graduate or other type of professional.
  2. The position is described with exact data on how the work is carried out, for example if it requires mental effort or physical effort or both. The more elaborate the description, the easier it is to analyze.
  3. The experience and type of ability required to perform the job is defined.
  4. It is established if you will receive supervision or exercise it, if you will have to make decisions, the working conditions, if you need special training and if you will have risks at work,

Job description of a company

The job description of a company is part of the recruitment of personnel as the key process prior to starting the search.

The candidate who will fill the vacancy must be the ideal and the one who meets all the characteristics and responsibilities established in the information in the description that has been made.

The functions of some job positions may be well defined but others can be very versatile and that is why these latter positions need to have a description detailing the tasks to meet their requirements and capabilities to develop that job.

In this way, the recruiter will be able to make a good choice thanks to a defined information that will allow him to choose the right candidate, because he will be the one who will be able to carry out the activities according to the information in the job description.

A properly completed and detailed job description is beneficial to both the recruiter and the prospective candidate. The company will have in its favor information that will allow it to recruit the best candidate that adapts to the specific needs of the company, the recruiter, thanks to the detailed information, will be clear about the qualities necessary to detect in each candidate that is presented and the The candidate will be clear about what the company expects of him and what his duties will be to perform exactly.

What to include in a job description

Depending on what the company specifically requires, it usually includes:

  1. The name of the job title.
  2. The hierarchical position to carry out.
  3. Who is the direct supervisor to whom you will respond.
  4. Who will be his subordinates.
  5. The specification of the main tasks and secondary tasks that correspond to the position.
  6. How it will relate to the other departments of the organization.
  7. What are the skills required by the position.
  8. What knowledge is required to fill the position.
  9. What is the level of training required.
  10. What experience does the candidate require and in what areas did the candidate perform.
  11. What are the age requirements, the schedule to meet, if you need to change residence, if you require availability to travel and other special requirements.

Job analysis examples

01 Example of job analysis:

Elaboration: Date of preparation of the job description.

Job title: administration

Working day: From 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. one hour from 12 a.m. to 1 p.m. for food.

Required education: Bachelor’s degree in administration required.

Knowledge: Microsoft Office.

Languages: Successful and oral English,

Experience: 2 to 3 years in a similar position.

Training: It’s not necesary

Initiative: proactivity required, not exclusive.

Effort: Visual and mental, pay attention at work with care in the information captured. It does not require physical effort.

Responsibility: Does not require third party liability.

Working conditions: The facilities have good conditions and those necessary to carry out the required functions.

Profile: It requires an age of 25 to 35 years, gender and physical characteristics indistinct.

Psychological characteristics: Proactivity and discipline are required.

Responsibilities: Detail of the responsibilities and functions of the position.

02 Example of job analysis:

Assuming that the company requires a candidate to fill a position in human resources:

Job title: Human Resources Assistant

Supervised: head of human resources.

Vacancies for the position: 1

Description of the job: Under the supervision of the head of the human resources department, the candidate will be in charge of receiving and attending to the requests and will filter the information, giving the head the information collected for their best performance.

It will prepare the interviews of the applicants to fill the job position, prepare and keep updated the personnel records, qualify and evaluate the personnel and prepare the personnel contracts.

He will be in charge of scheduling the courses for new employees to nurture them with integration programs covering the needs required by the administration.