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Texas Commercial Cleaning License

On Texas there are beautiful towns, beautiful houses, premises and impeccable hospitality and all this must be thanked to someone in particular. Due to its tourist connotation but also because it is home to many, Texas is recognized as a pleasant place that inspires peace, supports culture and is sustained by the cleanliness of its homes and premises. It is normal to see the bars full but they are never dirty or grimy, because sanitation comes first and it is necessary that things look clean in order to attract people’s attention. Of course, it is completely normal that sometimes we do not have time to dedicate to cleaning our homes, because work and routine take much of our time.

For this we can count on companies or cleaning companies that have permits and commercial license in the state. Thus, when hiring them, we will have no problem of any kind in case they damage something in our homes. We know that it is difficult to let someone, especially if he is a stranger, move into the tranquility and harmony of our homes, but if we have knowledge and references about this person or the company for which he works then we will feel confident in doing so.

The reason is very simple and well tied to the fact that there will be a person in charge to whom to point in case of any problem.Texas Commercial Cleaning License

Steps to obtain the Commercial Cleaning License in Texas

Now, if your case is that you are dedicated to cleaning and you want a commercial license that allows you to offer your service then you must do the following:

  • The first thing we must determine is if this business idea is about a single person or if it is several wanting to form a company. This way you will know how to register it when asked, at the moment of starting with the legal papers. Yes, it is a cleaning company itself, a business that will receive profits for the service provided and therefore must be registered. Remember that, at any time, we will have to pay taxes and it is best to be in full compliance with the law.
  • If you are dealing with an entrepreneur and his or her employees then none of these people can be looked down upon. They must be given the minimum wage stipulated by law, with registration in all worker ministries. Many times we are told that cleaning commercials are freelancers. Although they are, there will be times when they are part of a payroll for a company and organization, so you will receive the same benefits as if it were an employee of any other type of business.

Continuing with this idea, we must take into special consideration the fact that we work with people who are going to be exposed to dirt or to the manipulation of certain chemicals. Taking care of staff is the duty of any employer or boss, we cannot completely ignore the matter and therefore we recommend that it is best to do the following:

  • Insure the employee with an occupational risk policy. Many clients ask if the people who work in their homes are insured and this to take care that something happens to them but they have to cover their expenses. So, insurance is the best option and sometimes it is cheaper than we think. It is enough to have a good advisor to help us evaluate options.
  • We can also win over clients by telling them that we have property damage insurance. If something breaks or the cleaning is not done properly, leaving a stain, the company will cover it without problems thanks to this insurance.

The types of cleaning

Not all cleaning companies do the same thing. For example, the most common are those that are dedicated to cleaning the home and these are usually also the most hired. Especially for those Texas homes and farms that are extremely large and require a more thorough cleaning service. From the inside to the outside, everything must be neat and since many visits are received, it is good that they want to hire a company because the staff of the same always usually has a uniform that gives an extra professionalism to the situation.

However, there are some aimed at cleaning deposits or garbage issues. These deserve more care from the employees because they have to wear special uniforms that protect them from germs and garbage. Depending on each one, the salary can also vary and the hours of dedication may be greater in one than in another.

How to get started once you are granted your commercial cleaning license

Getting started is always going to be the most complicated, because nobody knows about the company or the service we provide. So the main thing is to make ourselves known through advertising. A TV spot, hand out flyers, or just ask people to recommend our service. In these cases, it is easier for them to hire if they have a good reference to the work done and if there is someone satisfied with what was done.

You can also make a difference by implementing techniques or using products that other companies do not use. Innovating will make more and more people interested in the service. In addition, discounts and offers to start with are never too much to attract a large mass of people. There are those who see this as a loss but the truth is that everything is based on a little publicity stunt in which labor and all expenses are covered. It is a matter of preparing well and being willing to do everything in our power to make the name of the company famous. Then from there the question will flow by itself and everything can be simple, a good portfolio of clients will be created little by little.