Tennessee EBT Payment Plan | The payment dates for grocery stamps

Tennessee EBT Payment Plan | The payment dates for grocery stamps.

Tennessee EBT payment plan

In this post you can see the The payment dates for grocery stampsSo you know the day of the month that your EBT card is refilled with the amount you were approved for when applying for Tennessee grocery stamps.

The knowloedge Tennessee EBT payment plan This is very important as it will help you create a better plan for your grocery branded purchases from stores that are authorized SNAP retailers. So if you’re looking to find out when the next time you’ll get your SNAP payment, keep reading this article for details on grocery stamp payment dates in Tennessee.

In Tennessee, it is the Department of Human Services that administers the SNAP program. And every month your Tennessee EBT card is refilled via the Electronic Benefits Transfer system. Our previous article showed you how to check the Tennessee EBT card balance to find your current grocery stamp balance.

Tennessee EBT payment plan

See the table below for detailed information on Grocery stamp payment plan in Tennessee and also how each month determines when you will receive your grocery brand benefits.

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NOTE: Benefits are provided based on the last two digits of the head of household’s social security number.

The last two digits of the head of household’s SSN Benefits available
00-04 Available on 1.
05-09 Available on the 2nd.
10-14 Available on 3rd.
15-19 Available on 4th.
20-24 Available on the 5th.
25-29 Available on the 6th.
30-34 Available on 7th.
35-39 Available on the 8th.
40-44 Available on 9th.
45-49 Available on 10th.
50-54 Available on 11th.
55-59 Available on 12th.
60-64 Available on 13th.
65-69 Available on the 14th.
70-74 Available on the 15th.
75-79 Available on 16.
80-84 Available on 17th.
85-89 Available on 18.
90-94 Available on 19.
95-99 Available on 20.

I haven’t received my Tennessee Food Stamp payment

Should in case you haven’t received yours Tennessee EBT payment based on the monthly The EBT payment plan above, contact the Tennessee Department of Human Services to find out your current status. You can also call the number on the back of your Tennessee EBT Card. If you didn’t find the number, you can check out our previous article on the EBT customer service number for your state.

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