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Target, the objective and the reason for the life of your business

Target, in the field of advertising, the terms target market, target audience, target group and target market, as well as the anglicisms target, target group and target market, are used synonymously to designate the ideal recipient of a certain campaign, product or service.

Every business, every product or service has an objective, it has been created to cover certain valences, sectors or specific public, but what happens when we do not know our ideal client, avatar or Target?

The answer is simple, if you do not know your prospect, all your marketing will not have effective results, no matter how persuasive you try to be, no matter how many certifications you have in NLP, persuasion, influence and all those things.

So what is your Goal or «Target»

We cannot address everyone, this is more than clear, but we always continue to make these types of mistakes and then we wonder why the results do not arrive, Knowing our target is essential for the success of any online business, in this article I want to share some tips that we can use to improve our approach to our prospect or future client:

Tips to meet your prospect or future client

– Never generalize-

“If you talk to everyone, you don’t talk to anyone”, you need to specialize in a specific sector of people, with unique qualities and unique problems, which as a first step you need if it is possible to know more than yourself, why? … How to write the header of your capture page, how will you create a “bait” that can really help them, who will you talk to in your sales letter:

– Define the questions you need to answer-

You need to know the answer to certain questions, these are for example:

How old are you?

Are you male or female?

What is your marital status? He has children?

Where you live?

What is your educational level?

What is your hobby? Do you play sports?

Do you belong to a professional association or social group?

Do you have a business? In what industry? Do you work at home? How big is your business?

What problems have you got? How can they be solved?

Have you already worked with someone like you? If so, why did you stop?

Infographic: How to identify the target audience on the internet

Once you define who is your target, your ideal client, the time has come to create and focus your product or service, now, on this aspect you need to be clear about a phrase that I am sure you have heard more than once:

“Every person buys out of emotion later justifies it logically”

Therefore the first thing is to speak to the emotion, how do we access it, through the correct questions, for example, what can I do to help you, how can I help you? When we know the answer, we will know exactly how to present what we have so that we highlight how this solves the concerns of our prospect.

Remember people will pay exorbitant (even ridiculous) sums of money on things that they REALLY WANT, on things that FASCIN them and on things that PASSIONATE them, this gives us the guideline to focus our marketing speech or presentation on the benefits they will get. , benefits that fascinate and excite them. (Really these are the goals and objectives that people are really interested in trying their best.)

There is a phrase that I like and it is: “The idea that everyone is your prospect comes from the scarcity mentality. We believe that there are so few hard-working, entrepreneurial, visionary, committed people who want to do a business, that it is not worth looking for them and then we “resign ourselves” to considering everyone around us a prospect ”.

There are millions of people in the world in search of new opportunities, people who are still starting and people who have previously had an approach to online business or MLM, both can be part of our target or ideal client, both can learn to use the correct techniques or resources and achieve surpassing themselves and achieving their goals and the success they seek.

Target- How does knowing our ideal clients define us?

It defines us in everything, from the way we advertise, the design of our website, the messages on social networks, the way we write our articles, the keywords with which we will create our content, spaces and sites in which we will create our paid advertising, etc, etc.

I hope this article is useful for you, this topic lasts for a long time, I even consider that it is one of those topics that never conclude, it is more they change over time, mutations are created, etc.

I invite you to leave your comments or share it with the people who may find it useful.

A cordial greeting and the best of successes.