Successful, high-earning franchises in the United States

If you want information about the successful franchisesIn the top 10 are: McDonalds, KFC, Burger King, Pizza Hut, 7 Eleven, Marriot International, RE / MAX, Dunkin ‘Donuts, Inter Continental Hotels and Resorts and Subway, but if you want more information, keep reading.

What are the successful franchises in the United States

You already know which are the successful franchises with the top 10 in the United States, now you will read more details about each of them:


McDonald’s, with its headquarters in Oak Brook, Illinois, was incorporated in 1955 from when it began to distribute its franchises. The franchisor is McDonald’s USA, LLC, which is responsible for the development, operation and granting of franchises, providing services to restaurants for the preparation, assembly, packaging and sale of a food menu.

McDonald’s franchises: Offers traditional restaurant franchises in food courts, in freestanding buildings and in store fronts.

Franchises in satellite locations: The franchisee operates out of a university, retail store, strip center, or other location with a reduced menu.

STO and STR franchises: STO or small town oil means a location in convenience stores or fuel stations with a restaurant that offers a complete menu within a shared space while STR is small town retail, that is, they are located in small retail centers in rural areas.


KFC, based in Louisville, Kentucky, was established in 1939, operating franchises since 1952.

It is engaged in the preparation and sale of KFC-owned brand name chickens, menus and snacks. KFC Corporation is the franchisor.

By contracting the franchise, you offer a license for the use of brands, logos and trade names such as Kentucky Fried Chicken and FKC.

Burger King

Burger King, based in Miami, Florida, was established in 1956, operating franchises since 1956.

The franchisor is Burger King Corporation which offers franchisees to operate hamburger restaurants with quick service with trade names, services and brands, building style, colors and equipment systems that meet standards.

It offers three forms of franchises that can be Individual, Entity or Corporate and once granted it can be operated in institutional locations, that is, in government facilities, buildings, airports, bus or train stations, factories, highways, corporate campuses, theme parks, educational facilities, zoos and roads.

Pizza hut

Pizza Hut, based in Plano, Texas, was established in 1958 and has been franchising since 1959.

Pizza Hut LLC is the franchisor that offers franchisees to operate drive-in or delivery restaurants of pasta, pizzas and other Italian-style meals under the name Pizza Hut.

The restaurants are Pizza Hut pizza and products that are approved by PHI for the sale of products to consume as entrance and exit or to consume outside the establishment. RBD is the Red Roof restaurant that offers food delivery.

Franchisee delivery restaurants offer products that are delivered for consumption off-site.

7 Eleven

7 Eleven, headquartered in Irving, Texas, was incorporated in 1927 and has been franchising since 1964.

The franchisor is 7 Eleven Inc. and offers extended hours retail-type convenience stores with a variety of fresh foods including their own brand drinks and hot food.

They are stores that open every day of the year, 24 hours a day and are located mainly in shopping centers and easily accessible places. The franchise includes a license to use the 7 Eleven brand, ongoing support, advice, financing, advertising assistance, and marketing bookkeeping.

Marriot International

Marriott International, headquartered in Bethesda, Maryland, was incorporated in 1967 and has been franchising since the same year it was established.

The franchisor is Marriot International Inc. that offers to operate hotel franchises for business and pleasure trips, which have a number of rooms that vary from 100 to 2000.


RE / MAX, headquartered in Denver, Colorado, was incorporated in 1973 and has been offering franchises since 1975. RE / MAX LLC is the franchisor that offers the development of a network of offices for real estate brokerage in Canada and USA.

The idea of ​​franchising and operating a franchisor sales office with real estate services.

Dunkin ‘Dunuts

Dunkin’Donuts, based in Canton, Massachusetts, was incorporated in 1954 and has been franchising since 1955. Dunkin ‘Donuts Franchising LLC is the franchisor that offers to operate a Dunkin’Dunuts restaurant for the sale of muffins, coffee, bagels. , donuts, drinks and bakery products that are compatible.

InterContinental Hotels & Resorts

InterContinental Hotels & Resorts, based in Atlanta, Georgia, was incorporated in 1946 and has been operating its franchises since 1956. Holiday Hospitality Franchising LLC is the franchisor that offers to operate full service facilities to business and leisure travelers including brands such as Holiday Inn, Crown Plaza Hotels and Resorts, Klimpton Hotels, Hotel Indigo, HuaLuxe Hotels and Resorts, Inn Express, Candelwood Suites, and Staybridge Suites.


Subway, based in Miami Springs, Florida, was established in 1965 and has been franchising since 1974. Doctor Associates Inc. is the franchisor that offers the sale of sandwiches, salads and food products in a retail store.

America’s Best Franchises

Other top US franchises are: Right at Home, Weed Man, Mathnasium, Molly Maid, Express employment professionals, Midpro, Comfort Keepers, Just Between Friends, BrightStar, and Senior Help Helpng Seniors.

Franchises without investment

Among the franchises without investment, that is, you do not need to pay for the training and the acquisition of it is at low cost are:

  1. Beacon Deals, which requires an initial investment of $ 149. You do not need experience and it offers you the marketing material, training, support and software.
  2. ShoutHb requires an initial investment of $ 149 and offers the franchisee the management of online reviews and reputation of local turnkey companies and the management of a cutting-edge business.
  3. Mobile Stamp also requires an initial investment of $ 149. It offers the franchisee 100% of the sales.
  4. Wag’n Tails Mobile Pet Grooming, requires an initial investment of $ 10,000 to operate a business related to pet care as a mobile industry.
  5. Creatrive Investment Concepts requires $ 4,000 of initial investment to operate real estate from a coaching program taught by real estate market coaches.
  6. Blam Partners requires an initial investment of $ 9,997 to operate a digital marketing franchise without the need for you to have technology or sales experience.
  7. Cost Analysts Enterprises Inc, with an initial investment of $ 7,500 you can operate a cost recovery franchise with which you generate profits.

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