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Subscription and customer service

Do you want to subscribe to wsj in spanish? Well, you have had a very good idea to keep up with the latest information on the events that happen in the world.

Well, you are not the only person who wants a subscription to the Journal because as you know that it is the only way for you to have the update you need on different important topics on the planet.

For this reason, below you will know how to subscribe as well as about the customer service and of course if you regret it after a while and want to cancel your subscription you will also know, but to find all this information you should continue reading …

What is wsj in Spanish?

Wsj in spanish, is the United States newspaper, The Wall Street Journal, which, written in English and internationally, is dedicated to information about business and the economy.

Since its creation in June 1889, you can find it in print and today you can read it online, as The Wall Street Journal Online is the complement to the printed newspaper that was launched in 1996.

You can subscribe since Dow Jones integrated Journal and subscriber print reports. In this way, you can access the content through your mobile phone since The Wall Street Journal and Oasys Mobile launched an application in 2004 so that from your mobile device you can read financial and business news with up-to-the-minute data on commodities , stocks and the market in addition to that you can access personalized information on your cell phone, as it is not a periodical of opinion or statements, it only provides you with information with data and facts.

However, in addition to the subscription to have good information, you can also find work in The Wall Street Journal, because you can apply to an internship, customer service, data strategy, the technology or creativity sector.

How to contact wsj customer service

If you need to contact wsj customer serviceYou can call 1-800-JOURNAL / 568-7625 or 1-609-514-0870.

If you need international support you can contact 000800440 – India or +49 69 3807 91901 – Germany or 4009911174 – China.

On +44 020 3426 1313 – United Kingdom or 0800 0444 2434 – UAU or 1800 823 2042 – Singapore or +7499 922 8646 – Russia or 1800 1441 0033 – Philippines or 1800 804 612 – Malaysia or 0120 779 868 – Japan or +39 02 9129 4670 – Italy or +62 21 2970 2702 – Indonesia.

You can also send an email by going to: , for which you must register and send the email.

Wall street journal subscription

With wall street journal subscription Not only will you have the latest information on business, economy, you will get much more extensive information, because you will learn about real estate, you will be able to read wine, food, travel, culture and fashion magazines.

Therefore, if you want to have the best information, you can subscribe to The Wall Street Journal by entering

Subscribe to Basic Digital and you will get information with a complete digital package with unlimited access on your mobile device, the WSJ application, to postcast information and you will even access the Premium benefits program that gives you free access to offers and a selection of events.

Keep in mind that the WSJ + package, which is the Premium membership, is a free complement to your Wall Street Journal subscription, therefore it does not have any additional cost.

With the digital package, an introductory trial at a price of $ 1 for two months and then for $ 28.99 per month you have full access including the WSJM Tablet App to, the wsj Smartphone App in addition to the WSJ + membership

You can even subscribe to the annual offer for a price of $ 52 for 52 months and then pay $ 9.99 per month.

But you can also opt for a corporate subscription with group rates that include 10 or more employees.

Consider that any subscription package you want, you can pay by credit card and your subscription will be renewed automatically.

Keep in mind that you choose the subscription you choose. You can always cancel or modify the subscription at any time by contacting customer service: 1 800 568 7625, as cancellations by email are not accepted.

On the other hand, you should know that at the end of the introductory term, your subscription is automatically renewed every month, then you will pay the standard value of the package.

How to cancel wsj subscription?

If you subscribed and after a while you regret it, you need to know how to cancel wsj subscription, there are two ways, for example:

  1. If you have an online subscription and you live in California, you will cancel from the customer center page, follow these steps:

Step 1: Enter and you will enter the WSJ customer service center and log in to manage your subscription.

Step 2: Simply from My account you will click on Manage subscriptions.

Step 3: Then you will search for Cancel to open Subscriptions.

Step 4. In Subscriptions you will press Cancel Subscription.

Note that you may not find the Cancel Subscription link, in which case you will need to contact customer service.

But if you do not live in California you can also cancel by calling only.

If you reside in the United States but in a state other than California, you can call 1 800 568 7625 and a customer service agent will assist you, from whom you will request the cancellation of your subscription while providing the details that will be requested.

Remember that before ending the call, you must ask the agent for a confirmation email of the cancellation.

At the same time, keep in mind that according to the place where you reside there are the same steps but with a different phone number, for example for the APAC region the phone number is 800901216 while for the EMEA region the phone number is: + 44 (0) 20 3426 1313.