Strategies to make our business more productive

Much is said that we have to be more productive for our company to be successful, and that is a great truth as well as the time often wasted in non-productive activities that will not make our business grow.

This lack of commitment to optimize the production processes of an organization can lead to financial-related problems and we learn about this when our business is about to plunge into a terrible economic situation and even

Therefore, it is advisable not to neglect yourself even if everything apparently goes well. We must define what the priorities are and they will have to be fully met in order to achieve all our objectives.

You will achieve a more productive business when there is:

Focus on what is most important. Surely you must have a business plan, then from there, you will have to establish which tasks or activities have the greatest importance and should be carried out but establishing short-term objectives so that the fundamental goal is reached. These objectives can be set for days, weeks or months, and it is clear that the entire work team must also participate.

Elimination of distracting agents. No person can be more productive if they do not focus on their primary objective, and it is precisely the unnecessary use of the Internet, long personal calls, the use of internal social networks to deal with irrelevant issues for the company, dialogues between employees in hours of work, “work meetings” where the last thing that is touched is the labor aspect, etc., it is what makes the businesses instead of advancing, they retreat before the competition. All these bad practices will have to be eradicated so that all that saved time is invested in something productive.

Quick business action. A company that tries to be productive necessarily has to act faster than the others, and here two fundamental aspects come in: the lack of business action on the part of the workers and the exaggerated bureaucracy. Regarding the first point, we all know that in an organization there will always be more agile people than others and with greater entrepreneurial skills and with a lot of vision for the future, before this it will be necessary to train all employees to go in the same direction in search the same objectives and in the same period of time. With regard to bureaucracy, some formal procedures will have to be reduced so that everything goes faster, fewer signatures and more action.

Priority to what is related to your business. As the owner of a company or as a representative of one, you must be focused on prioritizing all those activities that only help your business grow and be more productive and dynamic. Well, sometimes there will be someone who tries to invite you to a particular party or event, to cite an example, which can even be business, but since you are already on another level or suddenly your business needs another kind of update, you will have to give up since that will not do you any good. But if it was something worth witnessing, you could choose to delegate that task, so you will have more time to prepare everything related to exports, planning new sales systems, approval of new projects, supervision of production processes, etc. .

Control of the work done. It will be useless to train your collaborators or provide them with state-of-the-art technology, if they do not commit to perform their obligations efficiently and in the established time. And for everything to go as planned, control programs and systems will have to be implemented to supervise that everyone does their job. This will prevent many from using that valuable time and advanced technology in non-business activities. Maybe you could benefit from programs like Do that allows you to increase the productivity of workers in real time, or maybe you lean towards SharingBoard for multiple user and project management.


By following these tips you may see an improvement that will obviously be noticeable in the increase in income. And remember that to be more productive, the key is commitment to fulfill everything that we consider important to improve our future.

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