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Strategies to improve the conversion of our website

How to improve the conversion of our website: Having an online website is today essential if we want to show the world what we can do for them, our services, products, now achieving good results with our website or our blog is another issue, not very complex but yes it deserves that we take care of it.

In this article I want to give you some ideas that can make our blog improve your conversion and start getting the results you deserve for your

Strategies to increase conversion

1- Include video on your blog: video is currently one of the most viralizable content that exists, most people consume long hours of video on the web, on the other hand being able to have a post written on our blog and also, in turn, place a video that talks about that topic puts us in a better place than just having text.
People often prefer to watch the video before reading long posts that lose them along the way. On the other hand, it also benefits us in search engines, both our blog and our channel on YouTube; for example.

It is not essential to always appear on camera, since you can show slides, screenshots or recorded videos of your screen in which you explain the processes related to the topic of the article in question.

two- Write articles always taking as a reference the way in which navigators look for information regarding the one you contributeTo do this, use the google keyword tool, which will give you an exact idea of ​​how they search for information and the number of people who are interested in this topic.

3- Create unique, explanatory and useful content for your audience, focus on what your audience is looking for and just give it to them, there is no other way to be recognized and to be successful in online business; It allows your blog to be a starting point for your visitors, to interact with each other, to make comments and mainly push them to disseminate their content on social media.

4- Make yourself known to your audienceThat they know who they are dealing with, always include a page on your blog that talks about you, that guides them and creates trust, that they see you as another friend; Many people who create content do not give it the proper importance, however it is crucial to be recognized and build trust in your work.

5- Use clear, easy-to-navigate layouts, that the content that your visitor is looking for is at their fingertips, at a mouse movement, complicated sites with strong colors and confusing designs do not perform well.

Research the web for the best standards to make your website user-friendly and manageable for your audience.

6- Never forget to include social media links on your blog where they can find it, this will help you share your content much faster and build more trust.
Having a successful online blog is not achieved overnight, but by working on it every day we can achieve success, our blog is also our image on the web, that is why we are recognized and for our blog as well. they find us on the internet.

I hope these tips help you and are useful to improve the experience with your blog, I invite you to leave your comment and share this content.