Steps to obtain an international driving license

If you travel abroad you need to know how to obtain the international driving licenseIt is the only way you can drive your vehicle without fear of breaking the law of the country or city you visit.

For this reason, the best thing for you is to read a step by step like the following …

Step by step how to obtain an international driving license

The international driving license You will need it when you make a temporary trip to mobilize in that country or city abroad.

It is even an essential permit to move around all EU member countries that did not adopt the permit provided by the Vienna or Geneva conventions, so how to obtain it? Follow these steps:

Step 1: In Spain you must go to the DGT (General Directorate of Traffic with a prior appointment at one of its headquarters, but you must be the holder of a valid driving license.

To do this, you must access the official site of the DGT in Appointment prior procedures, then you will choose to request a prior appointment at headquarters.

Step 2: You will choose the office to go to it to request the permit, entering your location and choosing procedures in the office.

Step 3: You will choose the date and time according to your convenience to complete the procedure at the traffic headquarters.

Step 4: You will see on the screen your personal data, the registration number and the appointment with its date and time.

Step 5: On the day of the appointment you will go with the complete form with your data to Payment of fees and you will pay the corresponding fee for the procedure.

Step 6: Once you have paid the fee, you will receive a turn to wait until you collect the permit.

Step 7: You will wait for the call with your ID or passport in hand, the payment receipt, the driving license and the completed form.

International driving license requirements

If you are in Spain as a foreign tourist you must have a driving license international driving license to rent a car and drive it:

  1. You must be over 25 years of age.
  2. Your driving license must be at least 2 years old.
  3. You must complete the card process in your country before traveling and attach a translation if it is in another language.
  4. If you are a foreigner residing in Spain, you can use the card from your country of origin for the first 6 months from when you were granted legal residence.
  5. Once the period ends, you will process the Spanish driving license, unless your country of origin has an agreement with Spain to exchange the driving license.
  6. If your driving license was issued in Romania, Chile, Uruguay, Peru, Morocco, Ecuador, Colombia, Bulgaria or Argentina, use the prior appointment at the General Directorate of Traffic, request the appointment online and check your situation.
  7. To exchange the card you must request an appointment with the NIE or NIF number. Depending on your country of origin, you will be asked for different information.
  8. With your license you can drive through the EU countries including Liechtenstein, Iceland and Norway.
  9. You will even drive through the countries that signed the bilateral treaty on transportation and circulation.
  10. Your permit will be valid for one year and is a temporary permit.
  11. You can request your permit online with your electronic ID, your digital certificate or password credentials and you will collect the permit at the traffic office.

How to get an international driving license without an appointment

1.the international driving license without an appointment It is not possible at the General Directorate of Traffic, you cannot go to any of the offices if you did not make an appointment.

  1. You can show up to the office without an appointment, but they won’t see you.
  2. Unless when you go, in the same office you request the appointment for that same day or another when there is a possibility that they will attend you, which is not very likely to happen because whoever has your appointment is unlikely to cancel it.
  3. If you need to carry out the procedure urgently, it is a possibility that you go to an agency for example if you need a duplicate being careful because while you are on your way to do the procedure you can be sanctioned by the Civil Guard.
  4. Therefore, you should always request a prior appointment at the DGT or show up without an appointment at one of the headquarters, but this fact does not assure you that they will attend you at the window that same day.
  5. But at least even if you don’t have an appointment, show up with a photocopy of your current national driving license.
  6. At the same time, that day, he presents an original passport-size photograph with a white background, from the front without sunglasses or other elements that prevent you from being identified.
  7. You must also complete form 03. Mark International permit application and complete with personal data.
  8. Then you must pay the fee required by the DGT.
  9. Even if you show up without an appointment, show all the documentation that the headquarters requires and if you are a community foreigner you must also present the identity document of your country of origin or the residence authorization or passport along with the registration in the central registry of foreigners.
  10. In the event that your procedure is related to the renewal of the international driver’s license, either because you lost it, it is damaged or expired, you must carry out the procedure as if it were the first time you processed it.
  11. In any case, it will not take long to receive your card, since it usually does not take more than 15 minutes, so it is not difficult and you can start processing it before starting your trip and you will avoid penalties.
  12. Well, most companies that rent cars will require an international driving license before hiring the rental so that you can drive as a tourist.
  13. You should even remember that it is recommended that once you receive your permit, you always carry the national driving license along with the original international driving license in addition to the international insurance certificate, the green card, the valid TVA in addition to the box. of tools, spare lamps although these are not mandatory, a first-aid kit and cables for the battery as part of the elements that you must have in the car.

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