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Steps to make a letter with examples and formats

If you need to make a letter of recommendation The essential thing in addition to knowing the applicant is to guide you by an example and that you have a very solid knowledge about the person you are recommending.

If you understood this concept then keep reading and you will learn step by step how to make it knowing its different types …

Types of recommendation letter

When you are about to make one letter of recommendation First of all think about what type you need to write since based on this you will be able to establish the basic concepts to include in it. For example:

  1. It can be of the professional type that is the one that serves the applicant as a job reference and therefore you must have been his boss or supervisor and ultimately a person with a higher position than the one who requested it.
  2. Of the academic type, as it includes references of this tenor, it must be written by the professor or teacher.
  3. Of the personal type, it is the one that is requested to demonstrate good conduct and morality, therefore it must be written by a friend, a close person, acquaintance or neighbor and only by a relative if it was requested in this way.

How to write a letter of recommendation

By understanding the different types you can begin to learn how to make a recommendation letter:

  1. First of all, you must understand that your writing will always be personalized.
  2. It requires that it be a not very long letter, only a few paragraphs that imply that the person who writes it knows the recommended person.
  3. In the first paragraph you should indicate what the purpose of the letter you are writing is.
  4. In the second paragraph you must indicate how long you have known the applicant and everything you know about him.
  5. In the third paragraph, include some important traits of the applicant and some examples that support those traits.
  6. In the fourth paragraph you will make a final statement expressing your recommendation showing that you trust him and reiterating some of the previous points to reaffirm them.

What is a recommendation letter for?

The recommendation letter is a document that many companies request when you apply for a job position, filling that vacancy is important to you because if you can support your skills in some way with a letter of this type you will have a better chance of filling it.

You can attach it to your resume as references, because the important thing is that you look for someone who is influential in the commercial world because it will be much more important who they recommend than what they indicate in the letter.

What’s in a recommendation letter

  1. A recommendation letter must always include essential parts, the identification of the person, the context, that is, the content of the letter, the specific recommendation and the closing of the letter.
  2. It is written with a length of no more than two pages.
  3. Requires the name of the referrer and the name of the applicant.
  4. You need to have a description of the place where the two of you met.
  5. If it is from a co-worker and the letter is written by the boss or manager of the company, it is important that it expresses any positive qualities of the applicant on a professional level and something positive that has to do with their personal life.
  6. It requires the contact information of the person writing the recommendation, it can be the telephone number or the email address.

Recommendation letter examples

Example 1:

City, day, month and year (to the right)

TO WHOM IT APPLIES (If the name of the recipient is not known)

I hereby dare to inform you that I had the opportunity to work with… (applicant’s name) in… (specify workplace) from… to…, for which I can assure you that you are a responsible, morally committed person, integrity, works seriously and has the aptitude to carry out any activity that is requested. He has always shown that he is willing to perform the tasks that competed him, such as those that were unexpectedly requested of him.

For all that has been said, I am pleased to recommend it. This is extended at the request of the interested party for the purposes that it deems appropriate.

If you need any personal information, I remain at your service.



Clarification of signature


Email address

Example 2:

In the event that you know the recipient of the letter, be guided by this example:

Name of who recommends



City, zip code


Recipient’s name

Aboral position he occupies


City, zip code

Dear… (Name of who will receive the letter):

(Name of the company where the referral worked) hired (name of the referral) to fill the position of…. (Indicate the job title of experience) full time. During…. years he was in charge of… (Indicate the activities carried out by the recommended person) The company felt that it had been separated, which was a personal decision because under no circumstances would we have wanted to lose the collaboration of an employee who has been of great importance for the growth of our company.

Among his responsibilities (cite them, (recommended name) he always acted with diligence and intelligence.

If you require other information about (recommended name) you can contact the phone number.


Signature of who recommends

Job title

Phone number

Email address

Tips for making a recommendation letter

Writing a good recommendation letter is essential since the working life of the person you recommend depends on it:

  1. As you read before, it is essential that you know very well and with all the details the person who will recommend you or you, if you are the one who recommends, you must know who you recommend.
  2. The letter should describe exactly the job position you previously held together with a description about yourself in terms of demonstrating its positive aspects.
  3. All the themes of the letter must maintain a close relationship with its objective, and say that it must not contain antisocial or discriminatory traits.
  4. Request the letter from the company regardless of whether you made the decision to disengage or were disengaged, except if that disengagement has to do with a serious offense, since everything the tasting says must be in your favor.