Steps to create a blog with the essential pages to be successful

Everyone online tells us about creating a blog or about steps to create a blog, but very few people explain us about the pages to create a blog, which is the most important part, since many times we find blogs that do not include these pages or if they do include it, they do not fulfill their purpose.

In this article I want to talk to you about not only the steps to create a blog, but even more important are the pages to create a blog that gives you the benefits that we all seek.steps to create a blog

Steps to create a blog – The 5 essential pages.

When we are defining the structure of our blog we always need to emphasize certain pages, which if they are not found by visitors who enter our blog, it will not be fulfilling the basic functions of a blog focused on online marketing.

To the create a blog It is essential that you have the following pages:

– BEGINNING- It is basic but many times we do not focus enough on the content that this page needs, if your visitor enters your home page what they need to find is the information you provide, the type of information that they will find on your blog, for example If I enter a blog and the first thing I see are articles on electronics and below articles on marketing, further down even articles on self-help, etc …

Your HOME page defines the steps to create a blog, your blog, and shows from the beginning how you can help him.

Also your home page already has to have a marketing approach and present the option for your visitors to subscribe, and of course you need to show them the reasons why they will benefit from this action.

In some market niches it is valid that when creating a blog the home page is destined to place a capture page, I do not recommend it for the user experience, because we would be offering them the opportunity to subscribe to a form without them knowing well the kind of information and help that we can offer.

WHO YOU ARE- Beyond the studies we have, the experience we acquire, the titles, the people what they want is to know how we can help them, how we can be useful in their lives, so here it is very important to speak to them equally. Likewise, if possible you can create a narrative of what led you to be doing what you are doing now, how you have come to have the knowledge that can help them.

Something that I recommend is to place in this section our “mission”, which we want to achieve with the creation of our business, not only in our lives, but with the lives of other people.

In this section you also need to offer them the option to subscribe to your newsletters so that they are informed of your updates and how you can help them.

FREE RESOURCES- When we start with the “steps to create our blog” we have surely already informed ourselves about it, so it is valid to use this section to offer free information to your visitors that has been of great help to you, rest assured that They will appreciate it, you can offer them to download free ebooks, tutorials, videos, etc., it does not matter if they are created by you or by other people who are also adding value.

Here you also need to offer them the possibility of subscribing to your newsletters, always keep in mind that your visitors can enter your blog from any page, not only from your home page, generally most will enter through each of the articles that you are creating.

PRODUCTS AND SERVICES – Possibly at the beginning you do not offer services unless you already know perfectly or are an expert in some subject, create a blog, dog training, lose weight, etc., but you can offer products that are not from your authorship, but that you know and have consumed, for which they enjoy your trust, always remember that the most important thing online is the creation of online reputation, for which you are responsible for every action you take in this medium.

TESTIMONIALS- This page is vital when you start offering services to other people, so it works as if they were recommendations from people who have been comfortable with your services and recommend you to other users.

This does not mean that you can never have recommendations if you do not dedicate yourself to offering services, since surely some action of yours has helped more than one person, and today with social media it is very common for them to thank you, if this is the case simply asks this person for permission to place their appreciation on your blog and that’s it.

The pages for create a blog They can be diverse, like the models or the ways to generate income online, but there are always pages that are vital, that we ourselves when we read other blogs we look for with our eyes so that we can know a little more about what is behind the Blog.

I hope this article about what are the steps to create a blog With the pages that we cannot ignore, it has been helpful to you, I invite you to leave us your opinion, for example that other pages also recommend; You can even share this article with people who may find it useful.

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