Steps to cancel amazon prime, trial or free trial

You want cancel amazon prime And you do not know how to do it because it is very common not only in amazon but also in any other site that offers this type of membership for a while and you want to cancel it before the deadline expires so as not to pay because the free trial is over.

Well, do not worry because you can cancel without any problem if you follow the steps that you will read below:

Step by step to cancel amazon prime

You want cancel amazon prime because by subscribing to amazon prime your membership was configured to be renewed when the period you chose ends.

There is an automatic renewal that you can cancel when you decide without any problem even if the free period is still in effect.

Well, follow this step by step to cancel your Amazon Prime membership:

Step 1: Go to Manage Prime MembershipIf it is paid, click Cancel membership and you will receive a refund if you used the benefits at the time of canceling.

Step 2: In the case of cancellation of the free trial you must click on Do not continue, because if you do not cancel it will become a paid membership at the end of the trial period, that is, it will automatically become a paid membership, therefore which you should cancel if you don’t want to pay.

The date on which the trial period expires can be seen to the left of Manage your prime membership. Anyway, pay attention to that date because it is the limit of the period in which you can take advantage of the benefits.

How to cancel amazon prime free trial

How did you figure out the steps to learn cHow to cancel amazon prime free trial They are very easy, because if you are not a regular user of Amazon, the price of 120 dollars a year or 13 dollars a month seems excessive to you, a service of subscription that you will not use it frequently.

Therefore you are not interested in accessing the kindle library, amazon instant video or amazon musiAnd you are not interested in the possibility of having free shipping on the same day or two days depending on the availability of the product. For this reason amazon makes it easy for you to unsubscribe:

  1. Once you enter you log into your amazon account first.
  2. In the upper corner you will see Accounts and lists and you will choose the main membership that interests you from those available.

How to cancel your amazon prime free trial

You can also solve how to cancel amazon prime free trial from My account by going to the Settings section.

  1. Go to manage my subscription.
  2. Read the renewal date and if the free trial period has ended, click on cancel subscription.
  3. Before you are asked to confirm the cancellation, the site will inform you if you will receive a refund. In the case of a paid subscription and you have not used the benefits since that subscription began, you will receive a refund and you should receive an email because they will send you a confirmation of the cancellation with all the details of the amount that they reimbursed you.
  4. If the free trial period has not ended, click on Don’t update and then click on disable automatic update.
  5. In any case, you will be able to continue taking advantage of the benefits until the end of the free trial period.
  6. Once the term expires, your subscription will be automatically canceled.
  7. You can even change your mind and automatically update again and you will continue with your subscription after 30 days of trial.
  8. Keep in mind that the cancellation may take two business days to become effective.
  9. For your security, choose to receive a reminder email that you will receive it 3 days before the renewal dates. Enter to manage my subscription and click on remind me before renewing.

How to cancel your amazon prime free trial and turn off automatic renewal

Automatic renewal is usually a big problem if you forget the date to deactivate amazon prime, as it is a subscription configured for automatic renewal when the free trial ends, then handle it like this:

  1. Once you enter go to Manage my amazon prime subscription.
  2. Read the renewal date, if the free trial period has not ended, click on Do not update and then on Deactivate automatic update.
  3. In the event that the free trial has ended, click on Cancel my subscription and confirm that you want to end your subscription.
  4. Then click on Cancel my subscription.

How to cancel your amazon prime free trial with the mobile app

  1. You must open amazon and if you logged in, the home page will open, if not, log in with your email address and password.
  2. Then you must press the three parallel horizontal lines that you see in the upper corner to open the account options.
  3. Click on Amazon Prime Membership.
  4. If you scroll down you will find the option Do not continue under the Prime payment settings section, then click Do not continue.
  5. The last button on the page is Continue to cancel, click on the button.
  6. At the beginning of the page you will see a button that you will press that says Finish…. (the expiration date). By clicking on this button you will be confirming your decision to cancel the prime membership.

As your decision to cancel the subscription can change at any time, do not worry because whenever you want it is possible to activate the amazon prime membership again, you can do it by entering the menu manage prime membership and clicking on Continue membership.

Even if the amazon prime trial period is over, click Cancel membership instead of clicking Don’t continue.

The truth is that when you signed up for the amazon prime free trial you did it to save on shipments but after a while you realize that you are not interested and therefore you want to cancel that subscription without delay because the automatic update is detrimental due to cost. Then you should cancel before the end of the trial period to avoid those costs.

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