Steps and requirements to obtain a Walmart Inbursa Card

Are you interested in knowing about Inbursa card credit why do you want to get its benefits? But do you know how to get it and what are its requirements? Well, you will find out below so you can get your card.

What benefits does the Inbursa credit card offer?

You may meet the requirements to obtain the Inbursa credit cardHowever, before being approved you must meet the requirements, so it is important that you know what this card offers you and then decide if you want to get it:

  1. You will actually benefit from the card if you are a frequent Walmart shopper.
  2. It has a rewards program, with which you get back 3% in cash of each of the purchases you make at Walmart or at Sam’s Club, Superama and Bodega Aurrera, the group stores that also join the rewards of the card.
  3. If you make a purchase of 10,000 pesos or more, you get the advantage of a free freight as long as the transfer is not greater than a radius of 15 km. And only when it comes to the fact that you have bought a patio set, a household product, a piece of furniture, a mattress or more, or a product from the white line.
  4. It also offers promotions with interest-free installments, discounts at the Walmart store in addition to including the group stores. This promotion is added to others that may already exist,
  5. For each of your visits to the store you can access the packaging bags at no cost.
  6. You get a program that skips your payment so that the minimum payment of a monthly payment can be delayed every six months as long as you make good use of the card for the same period of six months.

Inbursa card commissions credit

It could be very interesting for you everything that you learned that you can obtain with your credit card, you can also meet all the requirements, but you should still know what your commissions are:

  1. You will have to pay 500 pesos for the holder’s annuity.
  2. You will pay 100 pesos for the annuity of each additional card.
  3. You will pay 50 pesos for the replacement of the card.
  4. If you delay in the payment you will pay 300 pesos
  5. If you request cash disposition, they will charge you 5% on that amount.
  6. The annual interest rate is 35.2%
  7. If you delay in the payment they will charge you 300 pesos.

How to apply for a Walmart Inbursa credit card online?

  1. If you want to get the inbursa card credit Because you meet the requirements, you know their commissions and you are interested in everything they offer you, you cannot apply online, as it is only possible for you to go to one of the Inbursa bank branches or the following stores:
  2. You can go to Superaman, Sam’s Club, Bodega Aurrerá or Walmart, as all these stores have a service module where you can make your request.

Walmart inbursa card account statement

If you want to know the account status of your walmart inbursa card, follow these steps:

  1. Login to
  2. Put your credit card number without spaces in the corresponding field.
  3. Enter the expiration date of your card.
  4. Enter the credit limit without decimal places or spaces.
  5. Enter your mobile phone number.
  6. Choose the company between Telcel, Lusacell, Movistar, Unefon, Nextel, Virgin or ETY & T.
  7. Enter your date of birth,
  8. Finally, click on continue to know the account status of your card.

In any case, the account statement should arrive at your home every month, but if you do not receive it, you can also download it from your online banking.

Keep in mind that in the summary of movements in the last part of the account statement you will find the purchases you made in the month, their purchase dates and the establishments where you have made the purchases along with the value in pesos.

Well, the statement of account is an important document because it helps you control your expenses and you can even identify unrecognized charges, for which it is advisable to activate the alerts so that you receive a notification when you make a transaction that exceeds 1000 pesos.

In the statement of account you can also know the payment date and the cut-off date, which will allow you to have a better credit bureau if you meet these dates.

The payment date is none other than the deadline for you to pay the total of what you owe or the minimum payment required by your account statement, because you can pay the minimum or a higher amount even if you do not pay the total.

The cut-off date is the day the purchase registration period ends and is the start of a new period. From the cut-off date you have 20 eligible days to make the payment.

You can see these dates on the upper edge of the account statement and they will always be the same.

Contact Inbursa

  1. If you need to contact Inbursa you can contact 5447 8000 CDMX and for the metropolitan area.
  2. With LADA at no cost and for the interior of the Mexican Republic, you can contact the 01 800 90 90000.
  3. Although by calling by phone you get personalized attention, you can make use of the automated service by generating a password for different operations such as checking the balance of your card or account.

You must contact the call center and you will generate the password by consulting with one of the company executives.

You can go to any branch located throughout the country and they will provide you with the security you need to carry out your operations.

For example, request an additional credit card, consult the sado, contract an account for a legal person or natural person, replace a credit or debit card, request an increase in the credit line.

You can also activate or cancel devices, pay your taxes or services, withdraw money or deposit into your account, transfer or make transfers, carry out Afore procedures and carry out insurance procedures.

Walmart credit card requirements

If you are interested in all the benefits and programs that Inbursa credit card offers you, you can obtain them if you meet the following requirements:

  1. You do not need to present your proof of income.
  2. It is necessary that you have a good credit bureau even though it does not matter whether or not you had a credit card before.
  3. While you don’t need proof of income, you do need to provide proof of address.
  4. You must present your official identification and that it is valid.

Where can I pay my Inbursa credit card?

As you belong to the MasterCard franchise, you can pay with the Inbursa Walmart credit card in thousands of stores in Mexico and abroad, so if you travel you will not have to worry about your purchases since you will be backed by an internationally accepted card.

In addition, when paying with the Inbursa Walmart Credit Card at Grupo Walmart stores and clubs, you get interesting benefits and rewards:

Instant Cash is a benefit of the Walmart Inbursa Credit Card that gives you 3% of Instant Cash on all purchases you make in the stores and clubs of the Walmart Group. This refund, as its name implies, will be made instantly to your credit card and is applied to the purchases you make on it:
Bodega Aurrea
Sam’s Club

When paying with your Inbursa Walmart credit card at Sam’s Club, you pay the price as if you were paying in cash, which equates to a savings of 2.3%. This, added to the benefit of 3% payment on delivery, generates a saving of 5.3% when paying at Sam’s Club.

Participate in Grupo Walmart’s special promotions when paying with your Inbursa Walmart Credit Card. Get 3 and 6 months without interest when paying for plane tickets with your Inbursa Walmart Credit Card at Interjet.

One of the most notable advantages when paying with your Inbursa Walmart Credit Card is the benefit of Instant Cash, since your refund is reflected directly on the card and it is money that you can use as you need it most, without the need to accumulate or redeem points .

In summary, with the Inbursa Walmart Credit Card you can pay in thousands of stores nationally and internationally because it is backed by MasterCard. This card has gained popularity among frequent customers of Walmart stores and their associates due to the discounts and benefits when shopping in them, so if you are one of them you can include the Walmart Inbursa Credit Card as one of your options to consider. .

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