Start your Business Start today!

“You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.” This phrase sums up reality very well. Any long journey begins with the first step.

It seems that the first step is the most difficult to take because people often get stuck in the choice of the idea, thinking and thinking about what decision to make. So they are continually changing direction and end up getting nowhere.

When they realize their failure, some may complain about the tools used, the tips or the processes selected. But most of the time it is our own fault.

In whatever you choose to do and are determined to succeed, you will have to accept that it takes time to get you where you want to go. It takes time to grow.

How-to-start-run-successful-businessAre you willing to put all the meat on the grill? To take the actions to take control of the situation? We are going to review what we have already seen to create your online business.

So far we have seen:

1) Business idea on a market niche.
2) Domain name chosen.
3) Structure of your website.
4) Plan what your digital product will be.
5) Launch your host service.

Creating your website

Based on the structure you have planned, you have to start implementing it and not back down unless it is strictly necessary.

The content structure must have been carefully planned. This should create a favorable climate for the topics you talk about on your site to emerge fluently and arouse the interest of the reader. Without going into too technical specifications to also attract search engines.

When the content is implemented, it is time to dedicate yourself to the design of your website. But you don’t have to spend more than 5 hours on it.

Once you are satisfied as it is, you must promise not to change it for a few months. Before, you can ask someone to tell you what they think of your website, in order to have other points of view.

Your website is a vehicle for what you want to communicate, it is not the essence of what you want to do, so you must prioritize what is important, your content and your product. You will improve the design, in fact it can always be improved and you would never finish.

Write your “About” page and “Contact” page

We recommend that you post your “About Us” and “Contact” page as soon as possible. It’s easy to write, but don’t make as many sites look like a copy of other sites. Take the opportunity to give confidence to the Internet user and gain credibility by being yourself.

Writing the content of your website

The first page you want to make is your “home page.” It can be somewhat complicated because it must be more general in nature. But it is very important because it is usually the first page that people read and the content should encourage them to continue reading.


Welcome people who want to connect with them. Don’t try to pretend like it is a large company corporation. Use a dialogue that is entertaining and close, such as a one-to-one conversation.

Description of each section of your website

Write a short summary on each of the pages of your website to arouse curiosity.

Use the maximum keywords that are relevant according to a keyword search engine, it is ideal, and without abusing the density of keywords (about 5%).

Write the content of your sections

For example, for a site that treats dogs as pets, it could be:

Comments on your dog
The best breeds as pets
Tips about your dog
Caring for your dog

Your dog’s needs

In each section you can open subtopics and allow people to post their comments that will help enrich your website.

Use the use of the keywords belonging to each subsection to optimize your visibility in search engines.

Write articles and create interesting videos

These articles and videos should be created only to offer good content, not to promote anything. In this way you will get your site to be recognized as a quality site, not as a spam site that promotes your product. You will also learn to be more fluent when writing promotional articles for pre-sales.

Try to make these quality content articles fun. Let people stay with your phrases for having caught their attention. Communicate enthusiasm and positive energy.

Titles can start as:

Top 10 ways to …
What should never be done to …
My favourites…

Copyblogger is a very interesting website to learn to write on the internet, to be a copywriting professional, yes, in English.

Good writing takes practice. Use the 10 tips that Copy Blogger give to be a good writer.

1. Write.
2. Write more.
3. Write even more.
4. Write even more than that.
5. Write when you don’t feel like it.
6. Write when you do.
7. Write when you have something to say.
8. Write when you have nothing to say.
9. Write every day.
10. Keep writing.

Well, maybe they are a bit exaggerated. You can always hire someone to generate content for you at or


Two directories in which you will be interested to be indexed is in Yahoo! And in DMOZ. For this you must have good content on your website.

Yahoo! It may take several months if you register in their directory, it is not guaranteed, unless you pay about 300 euros a year.

And with DMOZ, it is not worth or paying, it depends on how interesting your website is and it can also take months. It is a directory that select its content and on it a large part of the search engines rely to go to find the information and go out in other search engines.

So it is worth making the request to index in DMOZ and Yahoo! But do not despair. Other links can be worked by creating articles and videos on other websites.


You can make the request in It is important to take your time reading the instructions on how to register your website. Since you must register it in the appropriate category or it may take even longer than it would be necessary.

Directory Yahoo!

You have the payment option for commercial sites and the one that is free for non-commercial sites.

Wait to include your commercial topics on your website before it is registered, otherwise you will have to pay if you want to be listed. Be that as it may, you can always suggest your site.