Spanish Speaking Doctors – Where to Find Hispanic Doctors

That you find Spanish-speaking doctors It is essential for you that you prefer to communicate in your language, especially when it comes to the need for a medical consultation, because with a doctor who speaks in spanish Both can be understood much easier without the need for you to be in the company of another person who works as a translator.

On the other hand, when you go to a medical visit it is a personal situation, therefore you prefer to find yourself alone with your doctor without any intermediary.

For this reason so that you can communicate in your language with your doctor, below you will find the information you are looking for including …

Tips for Finding Spanish-Speaking Doctors

Living in the United States find Spanish-speaking doctors It may seem difficult but it is not when:

  1. Surely you have friends close to where you live and even relatives who have migrated like you, well ask them, it is your first resource because they are people you trust who will also recommend a bilingual and reliable doctor.
  2. Community organizations or non-profit organizations and churches have a list of hospitals because it is the way to provide health services for the community center or for the church and therefore they can advise you on doctors who speak Spanish.
  3. In the event that you have private health insurance, you can consult with your provider, as they can help you find a Spanish-speaking doctor within your network.
  4. The AMA (American Medical Association) has a directory of doctors where the doctors within your geographical area are listed and of course you will find professionals who speak the same language.
  5. A network of health and human services providers such as the National Hispanic Health Alliance offers healthcare resources for you and your entire family by making bilingual professionals available. You can visit their website or call 866-783-2645.
  6. Hispanic Access Foundation also has an online directory of Spanish-speaking physicians.
  7. Hospital de Médicos de Manteca. 1205 East North Street, Manteca, CA 95336 offers interpreter services so that you can communicate with hospital staff and doctors but also has Spanish-speaking employees as it is an institution focused on patients and their Spanish-speaking families.

Where to find Hispanic doctors

If you live in the United States and are injured or ill, it is best to find Hispanic doctors so that you can maintain good communication without difficulties due to the language, then below you will read a list with which you can help yourself:

  1. Dr. Shelley Williams, MD. Primary Care Physician: 8241 Georgia Ave, Suite 102 Silver Spring MD 20910.
  2. Dr. Inna Yaskin. Primary Care Physician: 2490 Hospital Drive, Suite 309 Mountain View CA 94040.
  3. Dr. Joel Ang. Primary Care Physician: 1759 Q Street NW Washington DC 20009.
  4. Dr. Mohammad A. Khalid ,. Primary Care Physician: 2730 University Blvd W, SUITE 1000 Wheaton MD 20902.
  5. Dr. Inna Yaskin. Primary Care Physician: 500 E Remington Dr., Ste 20 Sunnyvale CA 94087.
  6. Dr. Kathryn Kelly. Primary Care Physician: 10801 Lockwood Dr, Suite 160 Silver Spring MD 20901.
  7. Dr. Herbert estiu Sánchez. Primary Care Physician: 3737 El Camino Real Palo Alto CA 94306.
  8. Dr. Eric Aigbedion, MD. Primary Care Physician: 7505 New Hampshire Ave, Suite 314 Takoma Park MD 20912.
  9. Dr. Kukreti deep. Primary Care Physician: 9900 Washington Blvd N, Ste L Laurel MD 20723.
  10. Dr. Michael (Mike) Kupkowski. Family Physician: 180 N Michigan Ave, Suite 1720 Chicago IL 60601.

Where to find Hispanic doctors in Maryland

If you live in Maryland, then the best thing for you is to meet the hispanic doctors in maryland, for which it can guide you through the following list:

  1. Dr. Arbella Sarkis, Maryland. Primary Care Physician: 105 N. Bascom Avenue, Suite 204 San José CA 95128.
  2. Dr. Joyce Tatelman, Maryland: 2204 Grant Rd, Suite 104 Mountain View CA 94040.
  3. Dr. Ramandeep Kaur, Maryland. Primary Care Physician: 970 W El Camino Real, Suite 8 Sunnyvale CA 94087.
  4. Dr. Herbert estiu Sánchez, Maryland. Primary Care Physician: 970 W El Camino Real, Suite 8 Sunnyvale CA 94087.
  5. 1.Dr. Inés Muñoz De Laborde, Maryland: Urgent Care Specialist. 1910 N Capitol Ave San José CA 95132.
  6. Dr. Gurmeet Sawhney: 325 Hospital Dr Glen Burnie MD 21061
  7. Dr. Karen Clarke-Bennett. Family Doctor: 1114 Town Center Blvd, Suite G Odenton MD 21113.
  8. Dr. Rashika Sood: Primary Care Physician: 6915 Laurel Bowie Rd, Suite 101 Bowie MD 20715.
  9. Dr. Dpinder Singh. Primary Care Physician: 14300 Gallant Fox Lane, Suite 124 Bowie MD 20715.
  10. Dr. Omar Dakheel. Primary Care Physician: 4000 Mitchellville Road, Suite B216 Bowie MD 20716.

List of Hispanic Doctors in Chicago

If you live in Chicago, then when faced with an illness you can go through the following list to find out about hispanic doctors in chicago:

  1. Dr. Alan Bain: Primary Care Physician: 8 South Michigan Ave, Suite 1301 Chicago IL 60603.
  2. Dr. Danica Milenkovich, Primary Care Physician: 47 W Polk Street, Suite G1 Chicago IL 60605.
  3. Dr. Gregory Clarke, Primary Care Physician: 333 N Michigan Ave Chicago IL 60601.
  4. Dr. Joshua Merok, Primary Care Physician: 180 N Michigan Ave, Suite 1720 Chicago IL 60601.
  5. Dr. Niby Mathew, Primary Care Physician: 180 N Michigan Ave, Suite 1720 Chicago IL 60601.
  6. Dr. Michael (Mike) Kupkowski, Primary Care Physician: 180 N Michigan Ave, Suite 1720 Chicago IL 60601.
  7. Dr. Coleman Seskind. Primary Care Physician: 333 N Michigan Ave, Suite 701 Chicago IL 60601.
  8. Dr. Jeffrey Dugas. Primary Care Physician: 401 W Ontario St, Ste 220 Chicago IL 60654.
  9. Dr. Matthew B. Levine. Primary Care Physician: 676 N. St. Clair St., Suite 1745 Chicago IL 60611.
  10. Dr. David Benditzson. Primary Care Physician: 111 N Wabash Ave, Suite 1412 Chicago IL 60602.

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