Social networks, do they really serve to boost your business online?

Of all the tools that exist, surely social networks are the ones that most of us know, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+ and an endless list of other networks where people gather to share moments, thoughts, in short, spaces of his life.

utility-of-social-networksThe million dollar question is, does social media really help to boost my business on the Internet?

The answer is, like everything in life, depending on how we use it, but used correctly if they work, they are effective, they are one of the best tools to expose our Brand online, to be able to be with our work, our services or products. in front of a large audience.

Of course, not everything is rosy, we need to learn to use them effectively, so that the time we invest in being present in them implies a return on the results we hope to achieve.

In this article I want to offer you some tips that can help you create your credibility or work on your Personal Brand in social networks, let’s start then:

– Large number of followers does not necessarily imply great results

This confusion is common in social networks, it is thought that if we achieve many followers we will achieve better results, when in truth the results are only if we work with a strategy behind, the mere fact of publishing images or phrases of important people will not make us pay. the bills at the end of the month.

Social networks become effective tools only when they work in conjunction with, for example, a blogging platform, then you can direct your followers or encourage them to visit your blog, which is where you can really help them and that they begin to be part of your mailing lists.

– An effective presence implies a considerable investment of time

This factor is vital, time is the most important factor that an entrepreneur has, so being limited we need to focus on actions that really bring us results. In my case at the beginning I only published on two social networks, Twitter and Facebook, over time it can cover more networks such as Linkedin, Google+ and Pintares, in reality these five social networks are where you have to be minimally, since surely your potential clients are in some of them.

You will think Where does he find time to publish in all of them? There are tools that allow us to automate this process, I currently use some of them such as Hootsuite, twittmate, and a self-publisher for the social network Facebook, which allows you to publish in thousands of groups in certain periods of time. (I can recommend this tool to you, since I came to it after trying several others which did not have such good results, the one that I now use for Facebook is La Makina From Facebook, I invite you to review it if you want to save some time for other tasks in your business).

The type of content we publish

It is true that publishing images or phrases can attract people to our profiles, but if afterwards there is no strategy, funnel or system working to convert those people into potential clients, then our task will be in vain.

The type of publication that generally brings us good results is to publish information that adds value to the lives of the people who are following us, articles from your blog, news or the latest news from the market niche in which you are working, new techniques , results of your work, comments from other people who collaborate with you, etc.

The important thing here is that most people are going to follow you for the simple reason that you contribute something in their lives, people are not interested in what you sell or your services really, what they are looking for is to improve their lives, solution for their problems and if you can show them that you are the right person for it, then you can have great results on social media.

Advertising on social networks

Currently, if you are recently publishing on Facebook, for example, you may have begun to notice that your publications reach less people who follow you every time, this is because the social network wants that to reach large numbers of people you have to hire their services advertising, in short this is also a business.

The same is happening in all social networks, even YouTube, there are people who generate huge profits but it is through advertising, which if you think about it is how everything works.

Of course, advertising on social networks has its positive aspect as well, if you have the knowledge to do it you can reach a public that you personally segment or choose, this greatly accelerates your results, the counterpart of this is that if you do not know how to do it, you can literally throw money away.

That is why it may be helpful for you to publish with tools like the ones I mentioned before, the Makina From facebook, which if you use it properly can be useful to expose your work or services to a greater extent.

screen-shot-2015-02-10-at-23-00-34I hope this information is helpful to you, in this blog I want to share my experience with the tools and resources that I use to carry out my online business. I invite you to leave your comments or share this article with other people.

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