SEO for Adsense Google Tips and Basic Rules

How to work SEO for Adsense

Before I start giving you the information about SEO for Google AdSense, I am going to clarify something for you; For every tip you give them, there are exceptions to the rules depending on your site and your ability to modify and experiment. Nothing is written in stone, but I am going to give you a basic guide to follow.

Only you can tell how different your site is, so you will have to use some of your gray matter to figure out what works best for your situation. My advice will help you get started on the right path.

If you have questions, which I know you will have, please use the space for comments. This will allow me to respond to you and at the same time other people will benefit from the information, and it will also save me a lot of time.

Please give me as much information as possible regarding your questions. I’m going to need to know what your niche is, where your traffic is coming from, the amount of traffic, what your keywords are, etc. this way I can give you a good opinion. Please try to include only relevant information.

How to work SEO for Adsense

Rule 1

If you want to make money with AdSense then you must build your site for that purpose. You cannot expect to make money from Adsense if your site is not optimized (SEO) for AdSense.

Rule 2

Adsense works best when you drive search engine traffic to your site and the user clicks on an ad related to the word the user found your site with, or a related term.

For example, if Jorge did a search for “AdSense Secrets” using Google, he would find your site listed for that term. Then you will visit your site and at some point if you see an AdSense ad on your website for “Adsense Secrets” or “How to make money with AdSense? ”Or“ AdSense for beginners ”and you click on one of the ads, that’s a target click. You will receive the best pay per click or CPC. (Cost per click or in simple terms, this is the amount of money Google will pay you per click) In this case, let’s say you are paid $ 0.50 for that click.

Later, Andrés came to his site because he stumbled upon him on Digg or Facebook. Andrés is not looking for anything, he has just sailed aimlessly. He doesn’t see much of what interests him on your site, but he clicks on an ad just out of curiosity. That click will not convert for the advertiser. For what reason? it’s because he’s just looking, he only spent two or three seconds on the advertiser’s landing page. Andrés is a non-direct click. The pay per click you will receive from Google will be $ 0.01.

What you must understand is that you need to drive as much targeted traffic as possible to your site and avoid non-direct traffic if you want to rank high in the search engines.

So the most important point is to use keywords that are related to your site. You should avoid traffic to your site that comes from non-direct sources. No Digg no, facebook, etc. If people come naturally from these social sites, well you have no control of that, for you should not look for that type of traffic.

In general you will receive both types of traffic, but while most of the clicks come from specific sources, you will average a decent pay per click.

All clicks will never be perfect. If the majority of your clicks are coming from non-direct traffic sources, then all they will see is 1 or 2 cent pay per click. If that happens, take out the AdSense ads until you can change the source of traffic to more specific visitors.

Rule 3

Don’t click on your friends’ ads and go to discourage them from clicking on yours. This is completely prohibited. Google can tell when several clicks come from the same IP. It is unnatural and very easy for Google to detect. Never ever get involved with click fraud. It is not worth it, you will be trapped!

Rule 4

An AdSense site is a site that does not look like an Adsense site. It must contain trustworthy information and serve a purpose other than simply displaying AdSense ads. Creating a site for the sole purpose of posting AdSense ads is against the AdSense Terms of Use.

I hope these instructions serve you well and that you actually carry them out so that you can get to the top of your niche in search engines, especially with Google, and earn money with AdSense.